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My father recently purchased a Q3 and wanted to reuse some HRE wheels that he purchased for a TT-RS. I assumed that since the Q3 is still on the MQB platform and I had seen a few similar fitments online that the 19x9 et35 wheels would work on the Q3. The installer mentioned that there was some interior suspension clearance, which is understandable.

My proposed solution is to add some 5-10mm spacers to clear the front suspension from scrubbing. Has anyone here fit wide wheels with an offset around et30-35? The car won't be lowered, so if the wheels are very flush / slightly poke, it won't be the end of the world.

I saw that Audi offers a 19x8.5 et38 wheel for the car, which should only be about 9mm difference in poke, albeit with more suspension clearance. Any help on aggressive wheel fitment is appreciated.
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