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I picked up at Enterprise leasing a 2020 Q3 Quattro Base model with 4000 Miles. To give this review some context, my daily car is a 2019 VW Golf AllTrack S, DSG. My wife has a 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV AWD, and we just got rid of a 2019 MB GLC300. My previous car to the Golf Alltrack was a 2017 BMW 330i. ( Tracked the BMW, separate wheels/ties, pads and a Tune.)

So, the Audi Q3, I must say, does not feel very Audi, feels more VW in driving dynamics. I have 3 issues with the Q3 after driving 1500 miles from Florida to the Carolinas.

1-The throttle is very slow and so is the power, unless you really get on it, or keep in a sport mode. The motor sounds terrible IMO while around town driving too. 220 Hp feels like 165HP to me. Torque sucks.

2- The sound is very loud inside the interior, both wheel/tires and engine noise, my Golf All Track is far quieter, and the Lincoln is a museum peaceful in Comparison. The MB GLC 300 was also very quiet too.

3- The rear end squats when you come to a complete stop, and Engine shuts off, the rear end of the car goes down a good inch. What the hell is that? :rolleyes:

4- The new digital dash is very nice IMO, but you how do scan the radio?:confused:

5- The exterior lights, there is only 1 switch, period. I cant just have the driving lights on front and rear? :mad:

6-Passenger seat is not electric on a $40K vehicle? That is a joke. :what:

I must say, the Lincoln Corsair blows this Q3 away on every level, 255 HP, far more exciting throttle and driving dynamics, super nice interior with many more safety features standard, and far higher quality and luxury feel inside.

What I like about the Q3-

1- Looks great
2- Great seats and nice dash, very good HD stereo.

I think for the money, the Hyundai Sante Fe loaded is a better choice, Hyundai is making some great cars these days.
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