The next-generation A3 won’t be revealed until March at the Geneva Motor Show, but Audi has let a few European outlets take the new S3 for a drive ahead of its official reveal.

UK journalist Tim Pollard has taken to Twitter to give us some of the finer details on the new hot hatch, and it sounds pretty good.

A prototype version of Audi's new S3 has been unveiled. Take an early look around with @TimPollardCars ...
— CAR magazine (@CARmagazine)
4, 2020[/URL]

Although the power level remains at a healthy 310 hp, the updated MQB platform allows for a couple of new tricks. First and foremost, the new Haldex AWD system allows 100% of the torque to be funneled to the back wheels.

There are also new adaptive dampers that apparently help the ride a lot. More comfortable and more stable through the bends, the new chassis seems to have impressed Pollard.

It’s all rather exciting if less than revolutionary. But then again, did the S3 really need to be revolutionized?

from fourtitude