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Turbo to cat/downpipe step stud conversion. For easy installation and removal of stock location turbos(k03/k04/elim kit). $30 shipped
(3)M8x1.25 copper nuts w/10mm hex
(3)M10x1.5>M8x1.25 step studs
Pics-> https://flic.kr/p/23a8ban

Stainless steel braided coolant return line 1.8t $50
Pics-> https://www.audizine.com/forum/showt...WP-upgrade-DIY

06A/06B OEM oil pan 06B 103 603 $75

Brand new Aasco Motorsports 228mm 10lb aluminum flywheel. I DO NOT have this on hand, they owe me a favor, and it will be shipped directly from them. $385 shipped
Pics-> https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/065nTA

Anodized aluminum ball & spring manual boost controller. Good to 30psi $20
Pics-> https://flic.kr/p/29s7YkS

Audi B5 aluminum beltine trim $100
Taken from a 2001. Has 1 broken mounting tab on front driver trim
Pics-> https://flic.kr/s/aHsmQu3GQC

Illuminated facelift air vents B5 A4/S4:
Driver side 8D1 820 901 A $13
Passenger side 8D1 820 902 B $13

Fuse box 8D1 941 824 $15
Airbag module 8D0 959 655M $30
ABS pump 8E0 614 111R $59

ASR switch 8D0 927 133 $18.88
Front fog switch 4D0 941 535 $8.88
Rear fog switch 4D0 941 563 $8.88

Battery cables $30
Wiper motor w/linkage $50
Hood latch 8D0 823 509 G $33

Window motors:
Driver rear 8D0 959 803D $22.22
Passenger rear 8D0 959 802E $22.22

Meyle coolant flange 058 121 132 $7

Brand new sealed package of 10 Supertech lash caps for solid litfer setup $68.88
6mm Diameter
2.5mm Thickness
Supertech part number: LC-60, LC-60-2.50

1.8t Quattro manual transmission $150
2.8 FWD manual transmission $150

Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for looking.

2033cc AEB stroker build
92.8mm forged ABA crankshaft $150 SOLD
144mm scat rods w/20mm wrist pins $365 SOLD
83.5mm supertech 8.7:1 stroker pistons $500 SOLD
AEB block, thousandth(0.001") shaved off top to make sure its true/flat, and over-bored to Supertech specs $250 SOLD
FFE machined intermediate shaft $100 SOLD
Clevite rod bearings CB-1821-P $40 SOLD
Clevite main bearings MS-2227AL $30 SOLD
Glyco thrust washers 026 198 421 $14 SOLD
Victor Reinz water pump gasket 026 121 041M $4 SOLD
Oil filter housing gasket 028 115 441C $2 SOLD
Thermostat O-Ring 038 121 119B $2 SOLD
Victor Reinz rear main seal 028103171B $25SOLD
Crankshaft timing gear 027 105 263B $20 SOLD
AEB head, cleaned, pressure tested, new valve stem seals, new bronze valve stem guides, new Supertech Inconel exhaust valves
Although not in the picture, I do have the springs, lifters, cams, and cam caps $550obo SOLD
Victor Reinz Cam tensioner gasket kit 058 198 217 $5 SOLD
Camshaft seal x2 068103085E $14 SOLD
Intake manifold gasket x4 058 129 717D $6ea SOLD
Victor Reinz exhaust manifold gasket 058 253 039L $13 SOLD
Victor Reinz valve cover gasket kit 058 198 025A $15 SOLD
OEM TT carriers(1J0 615 125 A) bead blasted and painted & stock b5 a4 rear carriers bead blasted and painted $160 obo SOLD
06A ARP head bolts used once $100obo SOLD
06A ARP main studs used once $90 obo SOLD
New b5 a4 prefacelift smoked side markers $20 shipped SOLD
New NLS(NothingLeavesStock) block breather adapter 058 AEB $75 shipped obo SOLD
S4 fog light grills $125obo SOLD
Stratmosphere Hyperboost diver valve $70 SOLD
058 oil pan $75 SOLD
058 oil pan gasket $20 SOLD
OEM B5 all weather floor mats zaw179004blk $100 SOLD
New Zeitronix Zt-2 Wideband Datalogging System w/LCD Display $367obo SOLD
Audi 2.8 exhaust manifolds w/heat shields $75 plus shipping SOLD
kamei hood grill for the audi b5 $100 SOLD
Euro AGN valve cover 1.8t 06A 103 469H $100 SOLD
UUC Motorwerks short shifter & UUC shifter ball Audi B5 A4 $115shipped SOLD
034 Motorsports block breather adapter with 3/4"npt to 3/4" hose barb adaper and 37" of 3/4" Gates hose $35 SOLD
BNIB Trickflow 23003 inline fuel filter $65 SOLD
Audi 2.8 30v AHA cylinder heads $250 SOLD
Audi B5 A4 OEM 3 spoke sport steering wheel w/airbag taken out a 99 a4 1.8t quattro SOLD
OEM EVO 8/9 intercooler core $130 SOLD
B5 S4 lower door molding/trim $200 SOLD
Victor Reinz head gasket 058 103 383K $35 SOLD
Pics->https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/kTs196
SPEC 228mm 10lb aluminum flywheel with 2-3k on the replaceable friction disc $250 SOLD
Pics->https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/iwV9ba
INA pilot bearing 056 105 313C $7 SOLD
Continental Contitech timing belt 058 109 119C $25 SOLD
Continental Contitech timing belt 06B 109 119F $25 SOLD
Mann W940/25 oil filter x2 $10ea SOLD
B5 S4 side skirts $250 SOLD
AEB intake manifold(matte black) $40 SOLD
Cometic 85mm MLS head gasket $89 SOLD
AWE Tuning Pedal Set Audi B5 A4/S4 $88 shipped SOLD
Emerald M3DK stand alone ECU $600obo SOLD
b5 a4 passat 2.8 v6 new OEM Sachs clutch/pressure plate, and used OEM dual mass resurfaced flywheel $250 SOLD
Defi DF041 A/F gauge $69.69 shipped SOLD
Complete AEB engine harness with integrated ICM delete, and FSI TFSI coil conversion $225 SOLD
Emergency first aid kit 8D0 860 281C $17.77 shipped SOLD
Turbo>downpipe gasket 8D0253115 $5 SOLD
Wiseco stroker pistons Audi VW 1.8T 20V(used) $333 SOLD
82.5mm w/20mm wrist pins/8:1 CR/92.8mm stroke
Defi DF036 boost/vacuum gauge $111.11 shipped SOLD
NEW 034 phenolic spacer for AWM/ATW or any other small port $50obo SOLD
058 oil pan 058 103 603 $75 SOLD
Turbo>manifold gasket 06A253039EEC $5 SOLD
Hazard switch 8D0 941 509E $18.88 SOLD
Rear fog switch 4D0 941 563 $8.88 SOLD
DBC throttle body 037 133 064F $35 SOLD
Driver front window motor 8D0 959 801D $22.22 SOLD
Facelift A4/S4 middle door mouldings in brilliant black(set of 4) $116.66 SOLD
Driver front 8D0 853 953B $38.88 shipped SOLD
Passenger front 8D0 853 954B $38.88 shipped SOLD
Driver rear 8D0 853 963B $38.88 shipped SOLD
Passenger rear 8D0 853 964B $38.88 shipped SOLD
Rear defrost switch 4D0 941 503B $8.88 SOLD
Headlight washer w/pigtail 3B7 955 681 $13.33 SOLD
OEM headbolts 058 103 385B $32 SOLD
Passenger front 8D0 959 801E $22.22 shipped SOLD
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