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20th Anniversary Golf r hatch

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Inside hatch looks like it’s missing something. Is this normal?
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LOL, but the Autobahn in Germany where you can drive practically unlimited speed is not a confusing thing? Come on! Every nation has "confusing rules", quite singling out the US.
What's confusing about the AB? Drive to the right unless you're actively passing someone, pay attention to road signs to know if you're in an unrestricted zone and always watch your mirrors for faster traffic coming up behind you. If only American drivers could handle such complex stuff.

Funny aside, it's illegal to pass on the right on the AB, and the one time I sat behind a car in the left lane that wouldn't get over, I finally went around them to the right, after checking for any popo in my mirrors, and when I went around, I looked over at the driver, and it was, you guessed it, an American officer with his hat on.
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Ahhh, but when I wreck on the Autobahn doing 200mph, I can safely know that I have my red triangle to put alongside my car and feel safe 😄 These red triangles don't do jack against people who are impaired driving drunk or on drugs, and for those staring at their cell phones.
I admit that the first time we came up on an accident on the unrestricted autobahn, I did get chills. Trees got a little shorter as you could see the trajectory the car took.
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We had German colleague who worked in Rome drive back to Frankfurt for a meeting and he got pulled over in Switzerland for 250kph in a 120 zone, the ticket was based on his income and over 3k Euros. I always paid attention going into Switzerland after that. The worst was France, with the EU, there's no border check, you just have to know you've left the Autobahn, and they're smart and usually ran some police near the border just to nab the idiots like me.
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Curious, what does "RLO" stand for exactly?
Reserve Liaison Officer
Same here. Is it a Canadian thing?
I think not getting them is an American thing. Getting them is an everybody else thing.
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