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I’ve parted about a bunch of old school 20v turbo
cars and 7a cars over the past 3 years. I’ll consolidate
everything to this one thread. Location is South Florida, 33063.

I’ve had 6 urs4’s, 1 95 urs6, 1 95.5 urs6,
1 200 20vt, and 1 coupe quattro.

1993 urS4, 1995 urS6, 95.5 urS6 parts:

1. AAN shortblock—$1,200 shipped

2. A. urs4 front bumper with grills
and all 3 moldings. —SOLD

B. Mint urs6 bumper with all 3 grills
and moldings. Damage free�"-$1,250 shipped

C. Decent emerald green urs6 front bumper has a crack repair and all but the 2 grill brackets removed. RS style mesh was installed instead of bumper grill. Will include upper moldings, shocks, hardware, etc.—$700 shipped

3. A. urs4 fenders (With rust damage)" $200 shipped

B. urs6 fenders (damage free) —$600 shipped

4. A. Complete urs4 clean ecru interior—$500 + freight
Will piece out after 90 days but prefer not to.

B. Mint urs6 Ecru interior. Driver seat was reupholstered A-pillars & headliner were reupholstered in Ecru alcantara and the rear
deck is either really clean or rewrapped too.
Every single piece will be included @ $1,500 shipped obo
Dash, pillars, kick panels, seat belts, carpet, center console, rear deck, headliner, headrests, floor mats, every single piece! $1,500 shipped

5. AAN ecu—SOLD

6. AAN harness—SOLD

7. urS inner taillight set�"$350 shipped
Two sets

8. urS 5 speed 01E trannies I have 2�"$600 shipped

9. urS rear ends�"$350 shipped
I have 3 of these left

10. urS GKN axle sets I have 7-8 sets
of 4 factory axles�"�"$250 shipped

11. Front brakes�"$150 + shipping
Front brake kit with calipers, brackets,
lines, pads, rotors, and hardware�"-$250 shipped

12. 3 sets of g60 spindles�"$350 shipped a set
All mint rust free

13. Set of 4 hubs�"$250 shipped
Or $125 per pair

14. AAN MAF�"$100 shipped

15. Outer taillights�"$125 shipped a set
Clean damage free with brackets,
bulb holders, bulbs, wiring pigtails,
and hardware

16. Headlight set�"$250 shipped
urs4 & urs6 sets/will come with
Back covers, bulbs, harness pigtails,
and hardware. Damage free, none
or minimal pitting, and no broken

17. AAN fuel rail setup�"$125 shipped
Comes with FPR, lines, and hardware

18. AAN intake manifold�"$140 shipped

19. AAN coilpack cover with packs�"$125 shipped
I have two will include hardware

20. AAN fuel injector cover�"$75 shipped
I have two will include hardware

21. Serpentine belt covers�"$35 shipped a piece
I have many

22. AAN air box cover�"$50 shipped
Small crack

23. Mint POS harness cover�"$125 shipped
Even has working clips

24. urS gamma radio�"$100 shipped
Entire stock Bose sound system�"$200 shipped

25. urS4 & urs6 climate control head�"$125 shipped

26. Two urs4 clean front grills�"$125 shipped or $100 without badge
urs6 front grill�"$125

27. Rear calipers�"$150 shipped
Complete rear brake setup�"$250 shipped
Calipers, brackets, pads, rotors, lines, hardware

28. Bare Doors�"$200 shipped a piece
Extra money for frames, window,
motors, regulators, locks, etc.

29. Rear bumpers�"$250 + shipping

30. Trunk lids�"$250 + shipping

31. Driveshafts�"-$50 + shipping
6-7 cores

32. Windows�"$125 shipped a piece

33. Window motor sets�"$125 shipped all 4

34. Window regulator sets�"-$125 shipped all 4

35. Wiper motor assemblies�"$100 + shipping

36. AAN exhaust manifolds�"-$75 shipped

37. Stock AAN downpipes �"$125 shipped

38. Orange side markers�"$65 shipped a set
Nice shape and include bulb holders, bulbs,
Also have good urs6 side markers�"$75

39. Stock urS Fuchs wheels�"-$650 shipped
All 4 center caps included. Also installed
new valve stems. Good tires included
mounted and balanced.

40. 710a Bosch bypass valves�"$25 shipped a piece

41. Stock boost hose sets�"$100 shipped per set of 3

42. Three Stock MAF boots�"$100 shipped a piece
All damage free in great shape

43. Motor mounts brackets�"-$65 a set
Chassis side and engine side.

44. Rear spindles�"$250 shipped a set

45. Core support sets�"$100 + shipping
All 3 pieces

46. Front subframes�"-$250 shipped

47. Rear subframes�"$250 shipped

48. Front sway bars & brackets�"$50 + shipping

49. Rear control arm sets�"-$150 shipped

50. Rear diff crossmembers�"$125 shipped

51. Gas tanks�"-$600 shipped
Will include the fuel pump assembly,
lid, hoses, and electrical connector
with wiring pigtail

52. Wiper arms�"$75 shipped a set
Comes with hardware and circle
covers if I can find them

53. Air box with filters & air ducts�"$125 shipped a set
All tabs are there, no cracks, heat shields
are there, will come with new MANN filters
and both inlet air ducts

54. Windshield washer reservoirs�"-$100 shipped
Will come with lid, pumps, and wiring pigtails

55. Coolant reservoirs�"-$25 shipped
Will come with caps, level sensor,
level sensor plug & wiring pigtail,
and hardware

56. Power steering reservoirs�"-$75 shipped per kit
Will come with the cap, level sensor, wiring pigtail
bracket, and hardware

57. Stock Coolant hose sets�"-$75
All of them

58. Mint Brake dust shields�"-$150 shipped per set of 4

59. Fender liners�"-$200 shipped per set of 4

60. Full size side mirrors�"-$250 shipped per set

61. Power steering pumps�"$250 shipped

62. Alternators�"-$100 shipped

63. A/C compressors�"$100 shipped

64. Starters�"-$50 shipped

65. Stock dual mass Flywheels�"$100 shipped a piece

66. Shift linkage sets�"-$150 shipped
Will include shifter, shifter bracket,
reverse lockout plate, cross-rod,
all 4 linkage rods

67. Belt tensioners with new continental belts�"-$110 shipped a piece

68. Metal SMIC with Metal crossover pipe &
shroud with brackets�"�"$250 shipped obo
Per setup

69. Used ZF Steering racks�"-$125 shipped a piece

70. Brake bombs�"-$75 shipped a piece

71. High pressure power steering hose set�"$250 for the complete set

72. Audi & ATE Brake master cylinders�"-$125 shipped
Will come with reservoir, cap, sensor, and
wiring pigtail.

73. Audi & ATE Brake boosters�"$125 shipped

74. Factory Clutch masters�"-$100 shipped

75. Factory metal clutch slaves�"-$35 shipped

76. ABS pumps�"-$125 shipped

77. Rain trays�"-$50 + shipping

78. Strut tower brace kit�"$125 shipped
You�<sup>TM</sup>ll get the bar and the plates that
are epoxied on the strut towers.

79. Strut mounts�"$75 shipped a set
Only good used factory units

80. Hoods�"-$100 + shipping

81. Radiators�"-$50 + shipping

82. R134 condensers�"$50 + shipping

83. Receiver dryers�"$40 shipped

84. A/C pressure lines�"$150 shipped a set

85. E-brake cables�"$35 shipped

86. Sunroof motors�"-$100 shipped

87. Sunroof cassettes�"$250 shipped

88. 4 urs4 instrument clusters�"$250 shipped a piece
1 urs6 instrument cluster�"$300 shipped

86. Switch panel above radio with all switches�"$75 shipped

87. Bag with every fuse, relay, module, computer
from urs4�<sup>TM</sup>s�"-$125 shipped

88. Oil pans�"-$140 shipped

89. Windage trays�"$75 shipped

90. Unbroken Gas pedals�"$125 shipped

91. Brake & clutch pedals�"$60 shipped a piece

92. Pedal brackets�"$75 shipped
Comes with pressure switches

93. Steering columns�"$125 shipped

94. Key & ignition/lock sets�"$125 shipped

95. AAN water manifolds�"-$75 shipped
Will come with MFTS & sensors

96. Strut tower plastic covers�"$30 shipped per set

97. Shift knob & boots�"$35 shipped

98. Wastegates & flex pipes�"-$125 shipped

99. Horn assemblies�"$65 shipped
Complete with bracket, plug, and
wiring pigtails

100. Coolant metal pipes�"$50 a set

101. K24 Turbo line sets�"$125 shipped

102. K24 turbos�"$150 shipped

103. Oil filter housings�"$100 shipped

104. Complete oil cooler assemblies�"$150 shipped
Cooler, lines, air duct, bracket, hardware

105. Front support bars�"$50 + shipping
U-shaped front bar where the snub
mount bracket bolts to

106. AAN Harmonic balancers �"$125 shipped

107. Super torque Crank timing cogs�"$50 shipped

108. Timing belt cover sets�"-$125 shipped

109. Stock injectors�"$100 shipped per set of 5

110. Rear main flanges�"$25 shipped a piece

111. Mint exhaust manifold heat shields�"$100 shipped
Silver with Audi logo. I have 3

112. urS stock exhausts�"$100 + shipping

113. Windscreens�"offers

114. Rear 1/4 panels�"$500 + shipping

115. Front frame rails�"$250 shipped

116. Trunk CD player with cover�"$125 shipped

117. Carbon fiber trim full set (has cracks)�"$150 shipped

118. H&R green front springs�"$150 shipped

119. Fan clutch with blade and fan shroud�"$150 shipped

120. Accessory brackets�"$150 shipped for both

121. A/C radiator fans�"$75 shipped a piece
I have 7 with wiring

122. Audi 100 front bumper with spare urS4
bumper corners�"$250 + shipping

123. Good inner tie rod arms�"$35 shipped per set

124. Newer factory urS battery�"offers

125. AAN throttle bodies�"$125 shipped

126. AAN oil pumps�"$150-$200 shipped

127. urS factory non sport springs�"$100 + shipping on all 4

Much much more parts....

1991 200 20VT SEDAN PARTS

200 20vt 3b parts

2. 3b ecu—$400 shipped

3. C3 rear differential�"$350 shipped

6. 3b uncut engine loom�" $300 shipped

9. 200 Headlight set�" $250 + shipping
Headlights, side marker, bulbs, bulb
holders, & wiring pigtails. Theyre in
pretty good shape.

11. 200 front bumper�"$500 + shipping
Don�<sup>TM</sup>t know a good starting point?

12. 200 doors�"$250 shipped a piece or $800
shipped for all 4

14. 3b FPR-$30 shipped

15. 3b stock injectors�"$100

16. 3b exhaust manifold�"$65 shipped

17. 3b wastegate & flex pipe�"$110 shipped

18. 3b oil pan�" $150 shipped

20. 3b ignition coil and control module�"$100 shipped

24. 3b a/c components�" offers

25. 200 a/c control head�" $125 shipped

26. 200 HVAC box�" $250 shipped

29. 200 pedals (brake, clutch)- $60 shipped a piece
Non broken gas pedal�"$125

30. 200 steering rack�" $125 shipped

31. 200 axle set�" $250 for all 4 shipped

32. 200 front subframe�" $250 shipped

33. 200 rear subframe�" $250 shipped

34. 200 Front spindle set�" $350 shipped

35. 200 Rear spindle set�" $250 shipped

36. 200 Front hubs�" $100 shipped

37. 200 Rear hubs �" $100 shipped

38. 200 stock driveshaft�"$100 + shipping

40. 200 completeshift linkage & shifter�"$125 shipped

41. Front brake setup�" $250 shipped
Comes with calipers, brackets, slides,
rotors, pads, hardware, & brake hoses
Also UFO�<sup>TM</sup>s

42. Rear brake setup�"$250 shipped
Calipers, brackets, slides, rotors,
pads, hardware, & brake hoses

43. Windows�" $100 + shipping�"each

44. Front windshield�"gone

45. Rear windscreen quattro script�"offers

46. 3b stock airbox-$50 + shipping

47. 3b stock MAF�"$100 shipped
Working & screens intact

48. 91 200 stock basket weave wheels�"$500 + shipping
with center caps

49. 200 Hood-$100 + shipping

50. 200 trunk lid�" $350 shipped

52. 200 grill- $120 shipped good condition

53. 200 body moldings & trim�" $250 shipped
All pieces from fenders & doors

54. 200 3b flywheel�"$115 shipped

56. 3b factory turbo line set�" $125 shipped
Oil feed & return//coolant feed & return

57. 200 brake booster�" $100 shipped

58. 200 master cylinder�"$100 shipped

59. 200 clutch master�"$50 shipped

60. 200 slave cylinder�"$30 shipped

61. 200 fender liner set�"$100 + shipping
You�<sup>TM</sup>ll get all 4

62. 200 rubber boost hose set�" $100 shipped

63. Bag with every fuse, relay, module, &
computer in the car�"$125 shipped

54. Rear control arm set�"$175 shipped

55. 200 wiper arms�"$50 shipped

56. 200 coolant reservoir�"$40 shipped
Includes cap, level sensor, hardware
& wiring pigtail

57. 200 power steering reservoir�"$65 shipped
Will include cap, level sensor, & wiring

58. 200 windshield washer tank�"$50 + shipping
Will include both pumps, lid, wiring pigtails

62. 200 factory brake bomb�"$75 shipped

63. Factory diverter valve�"$30 shipped

65. 3b throttle body�"$100 shipped
Working TPS

66. Stock exhaust�"offers?

67. Stock MAF hose�"$100 shipped
No tears

68. Power steering high pressure hoses
All of them as a set SOLD

69. Nice exhaust manifold/turbo heat shield�"
$100 shipped now has wrinkles

70. Trunk interior stuff�"offers



Im selling the only 7a mods & parts
from my coupe that Im doing the 20vt
swap into.

1. 034 stage 1+ chipped ecu—SOLD

2. Good 7a camshaft set—$350 shipped

3. Good 7a flywheel—$115 shipped

4. 7a shortblock $500 shipped
Crank, main caps, piston, rods,
etc included

5. 7a valve cover—SOLD

6. 7a MAF - $75 shipped
Dealer Audi/vw stamped

7. Bag o snakes header—SOLD

8. 7a intake manifold $100 shipped

9. 7a timing covers $100 shipped

10. 7a idle air valve—sold

14. 7a air box $50 shipped

15. 7a throttle body with good tps $100 shipped

16. Mint US plate tub $125 shipped
Will include a good drivers side
Audi 80 outer

20. Stock coupe driveshaft—$100 + shipping

21. Rear wiper motor assembly $125 shipped Will include good motor and transmission. Also now included is the wiper arm & blade.

22. 7a starter—$60 shipped

23. Power steering bracket—$50 shipped

24. Alternator bracke—"$50 shipped

25. A/c bracket—"$50 shipped

26. Ignition coil & control module—"$100 shipped

27. 7a engine harness—$125 shipped

28. Coupe radiator—"$100 shipped

29. Good coolant hose set—"$50 shipped

30. Mint radiator air shroud—SOLD

31. Aux radiator setup—$50 shipped

32. Radiator fan & shroud $50 + shipping

33. 7a ZF power steering pump—"$250 shipped

36. 1990 coupe quattro a/c components�" The whole A/C system�" A/C compressor 4-5 high pressure lines, condenser with pressure switches, evaporator, receiver dryer—" $300 shipped for all of it. I can split it up for less upon request.

37. Working coupe climate control head—"$100 shipped

37. Whole grey interior except dashboard & door cards— $offers Let me know what you need
Also have black interior minus dashboard

38. 7a water outlets & 7a thermostat housing—$60 shipped

39. 2 7a oil pumps—$100 shipped a piece
Should be rebuilt

40. 01a shift linkage—$50 shipped

41. Coupe quattro custom made 3 inch exhaust—$500 + shipped or $500 picked up..It goes from the small mid pipe off the bag o snakes header all the way back to a big magnaflow muffler and
twin big polished tips


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@Yerba, the last message I have from
you is the list of stuff you needed. I sent
two PM’s to see if you were still interested
and didn’t receive anything else.

I sent a pm just now. Send over better contact

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@Yerba I’ve PM’d and emailed you a couple
times but haven’t received a response.

Let me know if you want my cell number
or something.

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looking for URS6 Avant rear springs

Greetings. You didn't specifically mention any URS6 Avants but what the heck...looking for stock rear springs.

Part number 4A9 511 115 AE

Suffix AE and the paint marks on the spring (one green, one orange) distinguish it from the URS6 sedan, the 2.8 AAH sedan and 2.8 AAH avant.


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Lots of requests from people with older
cars but then stop responding to texts.

Very strange....
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