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225HP 1.8L T/20v

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Think we'll get this VW motor state side any time soon?
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Re: 225HP 1.8L T/20v (Jacque)

i hope so that would be sweet then up the vr6 to 250hp
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Re: 225HP 1.8L T/20v (Jacque)

You can get it right now in an Audi TT quattro. It's has never been offered in a VW, here, or otherwise, as far as I know.
Re: 225HP 1.8L T/20v (amper)

i think it runs stock with a different turbo than regular 1.8t. some version of the ko4.
Re: 225HP 1.8L T/20v (DubDreams)

i dont think theyll offer it in a VW anytime soon....youve gotta give the audi people something extra for the money they are paying

of course, i hope im wrong
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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