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24v 2.8 VR6 NOS

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Does anyone on the east coast tune/build these motors with nitrous? I've been doing lots of looking around and plan on upgrading spark plugs, fuel rail, get an SRI, injectors, engine management and everything to keep it reliable. Problem is I keep seeing tons of posts of people arguing about wet vs dry systems and what not. I'm not actually doing any of the work myself btw but I know I have the budget for it.
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Wet is safer. and If want to do it right, you'll need lower compression pistons and bigger rigs gap.
Wet is safer. and If want to do it right, you'll need lower compression pistons and bigger rigs gap.
I've found out i'm local to KP Tuning and will have them do the build. I've decided on running a 80 dry shot with their management/tuning. 80 Shot won't require any motor work besides fueling upgrades to be safe (In line fuel pump, 034 upgraded fuel rail, maybe lines and bigger injectors) Once my current spark plugs give out i'll be switching to copper 2 ranges colder. Will keep you all posted for results!
So heres the current mod list:
04 GTI VR6
65A Dogbone Mount
Input Shaft Shim (save that 02m)
New Redline MT-90 Fluid
(lsd and clutch are in the books when I do timing chains at appx 130k, currently at 103k)
Gonzo Tune
Neuspeed Pflo intake Kit with EIP metal intake
TT 264/260 Cams
2.5" SS Catback, oem downpipe with Testpipe
Poly Control Arm bushings
Vogtland 1.6" Cup kit (swapping for 2" rear springs soon)
Urotuning mount kit
25mm Eibach RSB
Whiteline Adjustable FSB Endlinks
(full interior W 60lbs of audio equipment in the rear) TyrolSport Rear Hatch-brace coming soon
Rep 20th front lip (unpainted ABS plastic)
Rep 20th hatch Spoiler (Paint-matched)
Rep R32 Side Skirts (Paint Matched)
3dsm 0.04 18x8.5 Wheels with 20mm H&R rear wheel spacers
Kenda Vezda UHP A/S 235/40 Tires
Power Stop drilled&slotted rotors
Stop Tech Sport Pads
ECS Upgraded caliper hardware (oem GTI)
ECS SS brake lines
ATE DOT4 Fluid

And other things here and there not worth mentioning and other plans. Such as getting a tint finally or going for the bahn brenner external oil cooler kit (Will see how it does without it on the track this summer)

Car IS my one and only daily
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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