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256 cam=?hp

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what kind of hp gain will i get out of puting in a 256 cam
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Re: 256 cam=?hp (neal359)

Can't tell you the actual hp gain, but if mated with a chip (like AutoThority), you'll get better mid-range and high end performance. Don't expect turbo or supercharger performance. To get that, you need a turbo or sc.
If you don't already have a chip, that would be the better (and cheaper) thing to get first. (Been there, done that.)
I know a guy who is selling a chip if you're interested.
Re: 256 cam=?hp (neal359)

thats a very mild cam.. whith a chip you'll be lucky to see 10.. Most people report a 10-15 HP increase running the more aggressive 266º, 268º and 270º cams
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