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25th Ann. GTI Headlights

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I noticed that the heads lights on the 25th Ann. GTI are not the same as on a normal GTI nor are they the same as what Hella sells as "smoked." On the 25th ann. GTI, it appears that only the perimeter area of the headlight is actually painted black, the reflective material that is on the same planes as the lights themselves is left chrome, here is a picture to illustrate what I mean:

Can anyone else confer that these lights are in fact, different than the Hella smoked lenses? I think these look a lot better on a silver car then the totally blacked out Hella ones. Also, how do I get the 25th ann. GTI lights, I know they won't be coming on the US (DE) version...

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Re: 25th Ann. GTI Headlights (xplodee)

red X was coming up I thoght I would help you up but then it was there.

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Ofoto won't host pics offsite for you, just so you know, I'll keep it in my site for a little bit:

The lights have a band of matte black paint along the outside edge of the light housing, in other words, they're like the Hella 'smoked' headlights, except everything in the middle is left chrome. So you're right, just the perimeter is black. They are made for VW by Valeo.
Main differences are the same as the Euro spec lights, glass lens, Euro-spec beam pattern and the blacked out parts.

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Re: (roadsleeper)

Why is the Valeo's cheaper than Hella's then??
Re: (waikn)

thanks for the help dude. Do you know of any vendors that carry the part from the 25th ann. GTI? I definitely prefer those over the hella ones.
waikn - Where did you hear that? If it's a question about the quality, I'll give you two examples that should quell any fears...
xplodee - Honestly, no idea. You'll have to ask Roger Moore if he has any sets, he's only person who I know who was selling them.
Re: (roadsleeper)

Yes the 25th anniversary h/l's are made by Valeo
Re: (Audi)

I have the 25Y Valeo lights and they look AWESOME on Indigo Blue. I think they look alot classier than the Hella smoked or Joey ghetto lights. Plus they are very rare.
Re: (Audi)

quote:[HR][/HR]Yes the 25th anniversary h/l's are made by Valeo
I meant, where did he hear that the Valeos were cheaper than Hellas...
Re: (roadsleeper)

I did the opposite, blacked out the inside but left the perimeter silver:

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Re: (tatge)

is there anyone that can get these lights (the 25y)? probably komet.
Re: (toast)

um. i dont' think the us version is coming with any kinda smokes.. just plain ol mkIV.
Re: (One Dub Nut)

quote:[HR][/HR]I have the 25Y Valeo lights and they look AWESOME on Indigo Blue. I think they look alot classier than the Hella smoked or Joey ghetto lights. Plus they are very rare.
Where did you get them?
Re: (kreuzerGOLF18T)

I did this mod myself with no problems
and with a couple of good how-to pages. I initially wanted to make them look like the hellas but found out that the masking tape was pulling off the chrome. so i went for the 25th anniv look and i think it looks better, it was eaiser, and cost me $10 bucks and a saturday! U CAN DU IT!!!
Re: (xplodee)

You have an IM from me!
Re: (kreuzerGOLF18T)

quote:[HR][/HR]Where did you get them?[HR][/HR]​
Roger Moore when he was still in Germany doing his 25Y sale.
Re: (RaraK69)

I would love a link to the known how section. This is some thing that I would spend a Saturday on!!
If there is a price that comes up on the 25th ann. ones I would like to know as well!
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