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2nd gear grind help needed in NOVA

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Car: 2001 1.8T Jetta with 14,000 miles on it ... manual tranny ... bought it new ... NO MODS (yet ... was waiting until I got over 20k miles)
Problems: none until last night
Situtation: Made a trip down to Va Beach over the weekend. Left town Friday afternoon and made the 200+ mile trip with no problems. Car sat in my parents' driveway over the weekend. Sunday night leave VB. Drive all the way up to 495 with no problems (including some city driving at the start of the trip) ... take the Rt 50 exit to get home and get stopped at a light. Light goes green, I shift it into 1st, RPMs hit 3000, I shift into second and get grind.
Think to myself, that's odd, must have missed timed it. Hit another light. Same thing. Get home with every 1st to 2nd shift grinding. Drive around the block for 15 minutes to test this thing out. Same deal.
There are only two times this doesn't happen:
1. Early in the AM: this morning, until the car warmed up, I could shift like I used to without grinding.
2. If the RPMs in 1st are from about 1500 to 2500: sometimes there will not be any grind, other times, there will be a short brrrrrrp as the shifter completes its movement.
I've got an appointment with Alexandria VW on Wednesday to take the car in for this. I've also got a couple posts with part numbers for synchro work other people have had done to remedy this issue.
Is there any one else in the VA/MD area who had this problem and has had it resolved/not resolved?
Anybody got any advice for me as to what you did if you were in this situation?
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Re: 2nd gear grind help needed in NOVA (moclov)

I have the same problem and I took my car to Bill Britt VW in Fredericksburg, VA. One of the salesguys (Bill Britt Jr.) went out with me in my car and heard the grinding. In a few weeks, I have an appointment to leave my car with them for a week to have them diagnose and fix the problem.
It might be a good idea to take it there and talk with Bill Britt Jr. They're familiar with my problem, since I've bothered them about getting it fixed for a few weeks now. If you do take it there, feel free to mention my name (Greg Young, silver Jetta 1.8T)... it might help your cause (and mine, too, actually).
Re: 2nd gear grind help needed in NOVA (Overdrive)

Thanks. I may call them and see what sort of info I can get out of them.
Fredericksburg is a good ways away from my location (Falls Church), and would probably be a last ditch attempt for service in the event that the dealers closer to the DC area get pugilistic.
Thanks for the help,

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Re: 2nd gear grind help needed in NOVA (moclov)

Yeah, Fredericksburg is 2 hours from me. Fortunately, they've guaranteed me a loaner for the time it takes them to fix it. Their service department is open on Saturdays, too... so I can pick up and drop off on the weekends. So a combination of loaner, being available on the weekends, and willing to fix the problem under powertrain warranty was enough to have me take it to them.

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Re: 2nd gear grind help needed in NOVA (moclov)

I'm gonna move this to G/J IV... you'll have a lot more responses there.
Re: 2nd gear grind help needed in NOVA (adg44)

hmmm .... Come on, somebody in NoVa has got to have this problem. Maybe this should have stayed in the MidAtlantic forum?

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Re: 2nd gear grind help needed in NOVA (moclov)

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