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3.6 24V VR6 Swap Questions and Links

This Corrado R36 build thread is intended to be a resource for those wanting to do 3.6 VR6 swap. Let me first say that my car has gone through a lot configurations since I first started it in 2016. There are a LOT of different combinations of parts that work well together. My thread might be confusing as to what the best path forward is for you. Read all of it and if it seems confusing ask questions and I'll try to shed some light on it.

I would like help with questions that pertains to 3.6 swaps as well as compile links to other resources that help with the 3.6 knowledge. I did something similar for the TDIClub when I was doing my 1st TDI swap and it has been fairly helpful to the VW community for those that want to do TDI swaps to the point where TDI swaps are now fairly common place. I think with a common pool of 3.6 FSI knowledge this swap will become the new why not swap. in 2016 this swap was a little beyond most people's knowledge level.

Potential USA 3.6 VR6 Donors
Touareg 2007+
Passat 2006+
CC 2009-2017
Porsche Cayenne 2006+
Audi Q7 2007-2010
Atlas 2018+

Swap Links
(please assist with the knowledge gathering, PM me or post up and I'll add it. If you find a broken link let me know and I'll fix it.)
To see pictures in old threads use Google chrome as a browser and apply the embedded photo fix and the photobucket hotlink fix. The fixes to view old photobucket pics are here
ERD's 3.6L 6 speed Corrado build 366C project
Nathan at Autotech's Mk2 12V VR6 swap to 3.6
choobs' corrado 3.6 build
Torsten's friend’s car I found it interesting to see how the upper radiator hose was done
Mk4 R32 to 3.6
Corrado 3.6 swap
3.6L 20AE MK4
Need_A_VR6's Port Injection Project (says its the last project)
Sean (fourthchirpin)'s Mk3 VR evolution to 3.6
Not a swap but a Turbo 3.6 CC Link: 2009 VW CC 3.6L V6 + GT35R turbo?

Information Links
It should be noted that the Facebook page "VW 2.8 | 3.2 | 3.6 VR6 Performance Group" is useful.
Thread on installing a porsche intake manifold into swap Mk3 & Corrados: Porsche Intake manifold
Tach signal discussion
Link for looking up VW/Audi/Porsche Part numbers up: Volkswagen Parts catalog - ETKA Online, Volkswagen EUROPA, original Catalog Volkswagen EUROPA or Search for parts. Buying auto parts around the world. Auto parts catalogs.
MK3 2L/1.9L Sanden AC compressor specs
Mk3/Rado VR6 Sanden AC Compressor Specs
jddaigle's B6 3.6 & 4motion Resource Thread

Technical Guides and Manuals
Self Study Program for VR6 FSI Engines
2006 Passat Reference Specification Book (torque specs)
2007-2008 Passat Reference Specification Book (torque specs)
2009-2010 CC Quick Reference Specification Book (torque specs)
2011-2012 CC Quick Reference Specification Book (torque specs)
2007-2010 Touareg Quick Reference Specification Book (torque specs)
How to remove the 2piece intake manifold
How to remove the 1piece intake manifold
Corrado manual but I tell you I prefer having a paper copy, I own 3 its like my mice and men book.

Wiring Schematics
2006 BLV Passat till May 2006
2006 BLV Passat After May 2006
2006-2008 Touareg BHL/BHK from March 2006
2008 Touareg BHL/BHKfrom 2008
2010 CC BLV/BWS from May 2008
2010 Touareg CGRA/CMTA From June 2010
2011 Passat CDVB from Jan 2011

How to read wiring diagrams video:

Corrado Swap Pinout Spreadsheet comparing Passat and Touareg Wiring
This is the true blueprint for the swap's wiring harness and should also apply to MK3 and MK2 swaps.
2006 Passat and Touareg Wiring comparison of Pinouts and Pedals

Part sources
VW Tyco pin part numbers: "Official" TE Connectivity connectors <-> VW repair wire listing thread
3.6 VR6 downpipe for MK2/MK3/MK4/B3/B4/Corrado FWD swaps: 850fab Downpipe his welding is art
3.6 Manifold Flanges, MAF Intake Pipes and other cool parts: SwoopsBUILT
swap parts and more:
S&P Automotive
Eurowise - Audi Service, BMW Service, Volkswagen Service, Mercedes Service, Porsche Service
Fabless Manufacturing - When Quality Matters
Techtonics Tuning, VW and Audi Performance Tuning and Repair Parts
42 Draft Designs
and dozens upon dozens more, its easier if you ask where to get something than to list all part suppliers.

Parts necessary for the Corrado swap as I’ve done it at some point (its changed a lot over the the past 5 years)
Engine Parts

-Passat BLV Engine & Harnesses
-2007 Touareg BHK ECU (I used this so I could use a mk4 gas pedal which is easier to install and looks more OEM)
-Passat intake fuel pump and control module (people have used regular fuel pumps and a relay)
-850fab Downpipe works great with 3.6 manifolds
-Mk3/SLC rear motor mount bracket
-Fluidampr crank pulley (I initially test fitted a touareg block and the crank pulley was HUGE, it hit the frame rail. The Passat BLV pulley is smaller and should fit the corrado)
-S&P tuning drive by wire pedal bracket for the mk4 gas pedal: Mk2 Corrado or Passat DBW adapter
-mk4 gasser gas pedal

Wiring Harness

Off the shelf wiring harness in 2-52 weeks:
-For those that don't want to save the $750-$1,000 you can have one of these tuners build it for you:
--- Wiring Harness Services
--- Eurokraft Performance
--- http://shop.eurowise.com
--- TDC Shop
--- https://stancedubs.bigcartel.com/product/fsi-swap-harness-for-mk2-3-4-chassis

For those that want to run Standalone
Paul (Need_A_VR6) contact Paul at his site: KPTuned.com he has recently run a 11.638 in the 1/4 with his 3.6 Corrado on his tuning. He is in the process of having intake manifolds made and cams ground for the 3.6

For those that want to build your own harness
-I made my harness I used the wiring diagrams from the corrado manual, Passat and touareg as well as one of the pinout sheets that I've taken substantially updated. (linked above) Wiring is not easy and you might not like where the harness makers install everything or the amount of wire they supply. Hence why I made mine. You will save a lot of frustrations by buying it, but when things don't work you have zero luck in trouble shooting it by not going through the learning curve of how things work together.
-2 CE2 add on relay sockets
-6 CE2 add on fuse sockets
-Mk4 Beetle OBD2 diagnostic port and bracket there was an OBD1 plug in 1994 corrados and if you wanted to be an anal corrado guy you could go that route. I didn't because I didn't know about it when I installed my OBD back in 2008.
-3M Friction Tape p/n: 3407NA
-A bunch of TE terminals in various sizes
-A lot of heat shrink tubing with glue on the inside

Accessory Bracket

-MK4 24V VR6 accessory bracket
-3.6 accessory belt tensioner pulley
-MK4 24V VR6 belt tensioner
-MK4 24V VR6 Power steering pump (I've been told a 12V PS pump and pulley will work)
-Mk3/SLC VR6 AC compressor
-3.6 Passat Alternator 140amps

Oil Filter Flange

-Passat BLV is the same as the other transverse 24V oil filter flanges
-I had two ports welded on
-I also used G60 brass oil pressure fitting that’s found on the head for the super charger oil feed line. I think the Vr6 corrado also has these too.

Pie-Cut Front Motor Mount Bracket

-Steps to make a pie cut front motor mount bracket
-Could have used the 12V VR6 oil cooler but it was still a tight fit
-Will require a shorter starter bolt as found here

Coolant hoses

-Front end hoses
-lower radiator hose is a combo of a G60 lower radiator hose, VW t fitting with temp sensor Flange part number 1c0121619C and the Passat blv lower rad hose
-upper is the Passat blv lower rad hose, comes with the lower hose and a custom SS pipe I fabbed up.
-the heater core hoses are the same heatercore hose from a mk3 that runs from the side of a 2L Head to the HC. I cut them down.
-the coolant bottle hose is from a mk3 tdi.
-I replaced the BLV’s coolant temp sensor with a mk3 TDI temp sensor part number 357919501A to support the ECU and cluster from one port.
-I used a MK3/SLC Electric Coolant pump

-I used a CDM VR6 02A from a corrado with a Tdi 5th and Peloquin lsd
-southbend stage 3 daily clutch after having a stage 3 clutchnet issue and a stock Sachs failure.
-stock 12V VR6 flywheel with ARP Flywheel Bolts
-I used a mk4 02J starter because I like the bendix and how it doesn't go into the bell housing.
-Dieselgeek Sigma 5 02J short shifter
-Polo 02J Shifter


-Made my own downpipe 2.25" to 3" the person who did the welding for my fab work now sells them 850fab Downpipe works great with 3.6 manifolds and MK5 R32 manifolds

NOTE THE 850fab Downpipe fitment doesn’t work with the FABLESS VR6 Swap Kit mounts and cross member that repositions the engine
850 Fab's individual mounts and cross member doesn't reposition the engine and works with the 850 Fab downpipe.

****also note that I don’t have any connection with 850Fab other than I paid to have him weld my downpipe and he then made a jig from it. I don’t make a cent off the sales of that part or any other parts sold by other 3.6 swap part sellers.

I do sell 3.6 wiring harness cores to people but that’s all I get into. I don’t want to deal with end users issues and hence why I’m not a business.

Throughout my swap I had to test fit, re-engineer parts and then start over to get my car running to the point where I could rack up lots of joyful miles.

-3” Downpipe back with a cat, resonator and Borla muffler.
-I used a 3” Stainless Techtonics Over the axle pipe, call them up to order it.


-Started with a Swoops built hidden MAF
-had it modified to have a custom 5" velocity stack
-K&N filter

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3.6 24V VR6 Swap Questions &amp; Links

In the end I ended up using the stock 3.6 manifold

For my Corrado swap I thought about using 2.8 24V manifolds or 2004 R32 manifolds (there are probably a bunch of other donors) that point straight down so I could use a TT downpipe with a single outlet.

Here are the different manifolds



In the end I ended up using the stock 3.6 manifold

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From what I remember the non fsi engine manifolds have a different bolt pattern and are not a direct fit. At the very least you will have to redrill.

The Passat blv accy bracket works nicely with the older alt. I had some clearance issues with the short runner so I am running a 2.8 24v tensioner on the head and cut the one on the accy bracket off.

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3.6 24V VR6 Swap Questions &amp; Links

Good to know about the water cooled alternator. I was asking mainly because the Touareg block I have has the port in the block and coolant pipe.

The accessory bracket I have from the Touareg has a power steering mount but unfortunately doesn't allow for the Corrado AC compressor to be mounted. I'm going to take a look at the Touareg compressor and its fittings before I seek out a 24V 2.8 bracket.

I'm currently trying to decide on what oil filter setup I might use too. I have a nice remote setup installed in my car so I'm leaning towards the 034 flange.

I just wish the ports were 10x1.00 for the oil sensors.

I ended up using a stock 24V Oil filter flange assembly with extra ports welded on.


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Im doing a 3.6 into a 2004 GTi VR6

Donor was a 2006 passat
So far I have

ecu with harness
Gas Pedal
Mk5 GTi fuel filter
Passat body harness to hack up for plug and play setup using a spare MK4 harness

Its a straightforward swap if you have common sense and some literature. Have your tuner code out **** you don't need and its a breeze. Good luck to y'all

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I've been meaning to finish up my thread with the swap info. The wiring was surprisingly easy.

I think there was about 12 wires that went from the chassis harness to the engine harness. Still toying around with the wiring diagram since a lot of changes were made on the day we fired it up.

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