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3 piece RPF1's among other custom parts thread

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So I am posting my current projects to share what I am now doing with my golf after not driving it for a couple of years. The pictures do all the talking so I will add a brief description of what you are looking at!
This is what it looked like in it's prime. BBS reps and some camber shims I made up with a custom speaker enclosure which you cannot see.

Needed a new turbo setup to go faster so went with a precision 5858 with matching wastegate. Redoing IC piping, and making custom manifold to meet new turbo position.

Custom machined manifold flange I made on the mill

Purge line holes added

Decided I wanted 3 piece wheels but couldn't make a decision so I began preparing to split RPF1 to make into 3 piece to suit my plan for wide body steel fender flares

After splitting the wheels and drilling them to suit 40 hole lips/barrels

Of course I had to upgrade the brakes too, so I got some brembos from an EVO and make some custom adaptors to fit my car. I required a couple of prototypes to keep caliper close to the new R32 rotor (which I drilled and slotted for looks)

Very little clearance between calliper and inside of wheel face. Good enough though...

I made some custom center caps with o-ring to snap into the inner groove of wheel faces. I made add a personal logo or trademark. Still undecided

A pic of R32 rotors drilled and slotted. Add visual stimulation to overall wheel coolness factor

Pic of size of lip I will be running front and back (11'' wide in front with 6" lip and 13" wide in back with 7" lip)

These arent' actual lips but merely the back of the wheel after I split them on the lathe. They do however represent the approximate size of the lips/barrels I will be using.

This is a concept for buck development to make patterns and in turn make steel fenders for car

And here is just throwing some ideas around. The fenders will not be so sharp like that but more of a gradual curve coming from higher up.

Here are some pics of camber shims I machined for customers and friends. I make custom machined shims with toe correction any camber angle for mk1-mk4. They are good on alignment sheets so they are proven to run great.
These are -3

Please follow me on instagram to see more of my progress and custom machining for VW cars at: https://instagram.com/filtersweeper/, and like my facebook page Custom shims if you like camber on your cars! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Custom-shims/845996598822097
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Holy ****. :eek:

I'm going to keep an eye on this one. Those RPF1s are badass.
@gasinmyveins thanks man! I'm excited to have them done. I am waiting to powder coat them and I still need to order lips and barrels and gold hardware.

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WOW :eek::popcorn:
I wanna see more on the rpf1s!!!! :popcorn::popcorn: :thumbup:
Awesome job bro, ginna pm you a question

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Always like seeing when some new creativity pops up.
All i gotta say is WOW:thumbup:
Definitely gonna be watchin this an that's some very nice work man! Well done!!

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Definitely gonna be watchin this an that's some very nice work man! Well done!!

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Thanks man! I am waiting on a TIG welder to move forward with the manifold/turbo part of the build

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What rim halves are you using with the rpf1 centers?
I'm using these 40 hole lips/barrels that my friend from https://instagram.com/righteousgarage/?hl=en has available. They are relatively cheap and available. I'll let you know monday exactly what they are as I will be ordering the front setup. The 7" lips for the rear wheels are on back order. Bolt circle diameter is 15.580" and RPF1 was a 17" wheel so I had to use a step lip to get me back to 18". It's like the RPF1's were designed to look like a 3 piece wheel, minus the hardware. They work so well for this project.

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Small update with my progress. I started roughing in the hardlines for the air setup. Because I'm using the spare tire well for the batt relocate and to run a small 8W7 JL sub I will have to hide the compressor and manifold in the monsoon amp door. It actually fits in there nicely! I can still change my bulbs. I made a small bracket to hold the manifold up high. The flex lines run out the bottom of the door through the plastic mesh breather window and under my sub floor platform. The hardlines bend left while the sub will sit slightly right so visually its balanced. The big amp will sit under the mdf board behind a plexiglass window. Here's where I'm at. I also picked up a TIG welder so the manifold and downpipe can get underway! I ordered the lips and barrels and they should be here first week of september at which point I will powder coat the faces. I'm going with something traditional like a darker gun metal grey or charcoal pearl-black chrome look. Still going back and forth with the colour.

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I would try to get some sliders for like a drawer and out that pump on a platform that slides out. It'll be a cool thing to show off and it'll make getting into the bulbs way easier.
Bump for updates

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Faces are in for powder coating and trunk setup has MDF coming along! Wheels should be assembled and on the car in 2 weeks time!
I will be using my beadrolller to reinforce the lower amp tray and line it with rubber so it doesn't resonate. Next I pick up my sub and begin incorporating it into the design

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Wow great work dude!!

In for updates :eek::heart::popcorn:
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