Mileage:136000 M
Engine:2.2L I5
Trim:4000CS Quattro
1987 Audi 4000cs Quattro - 5 speed manual, 136k miles, in great shape for her age, period correct gold and polished 15" Enkei 92 mesh wheels on General A/S tires, original 14" Audi wheels on great A/S tires included. Lots of work done over the past 12 years of my relationship with her- she runs great, gurgly exhaust from the center resonator delete for a straight pipe, chrome tips, center and rear locking differentials work perfect, full vacuum, MOMO pedals and shift knob, lots of suspension replaced, control arms, struts, ball joints, etc. Always wanted to add the wooden MOMO Indy steering wheel for the full class look. Extra cylinder head included for a fresh top end rebuild (doesn't currently need it) with all valves, lifters, cam, seals, head bolts, head gasket, and lots of extra parts, like refurb starter, water pump, timing belt, etc. Ready to port and polish and drop the new head on for a little extra performance. Thule roof rack included (basket has been sold) Interior is clean, no major issues, exterior body is good and solid, paint is fair. Wear and tear, some areas have been touched up, clear coat faded. but not bad. Most importantly, NO RUST. Was daily driven for years with no issues, cross country trips like it was nothing through Utah, Colorado, Vegas, and out to the East coast in 2015. She was put into the garage in 2017, and pulled out a few times a year to keep it running. Dreams of a full minimalist restoration with the help of my two young sons have been dashed, as I'm going through a separation, so I have to let her go to someone that appreciates these and can give her the love and new life she deserves. Am I still talking about the car. Don't even know anymore.

Electric windows all work and move quickly, no issues. Sunroof operates, but is slow, could use the channels cleaned and a new outer gasket, but no interior leaks during normal rain, some drips come in when in a full force carwash. Windshield has a crack, but fully functional. Interior is nice, no dash cracks, aftermarket tape deck (radical), driver's kidney bolster has a wear hole, but not huge. From 2010 to 2015, car was regularly maintained and given everything it needed by Salta Motorsports, who worked on these same cars for the Pikes Peak race. The guy really knew his stuff, and I paid them a lot of money to keep her tip top. AC was deleted- no compressor or condenser, all lines were clipped or crimped off. Hydraulic valve lifters are a little tappy sometimes (new ones included for head rebuild), and could use a new power steering pump because the bearings are a little whiny. The accelerator bushings connecting the accel pedal to the throttle cable disintegrated the other day when pulling it out of the garage, so I can't drive it right now, but it starts and idles, and I can rev it from the throttle body. I have the new bushings to go on, but I do not have the time to work on it, and I would suggest trailering it anyway. No CIS issues, little to no leaks, although the valve cover gasket has been replaced a few time recently, couldn't get a totally dry fit, and there's some clean oil on the lower half of the engine and drive shafts and suspension left over from those failed replacements. New rubber valve cover gasket with some beads of RTV has done the trick, I think. She seems to like it.

I think that's mostly everything. Serious offers only please, I love this car, never thought I would sell it; this car means too much to me to let it go for cheap. Not many of these left in this shape, and with extra wheels and tires, a full head with parts and a couple cams, and a Bentley Manual. It breaks my heart. She's really nice for her age, and will run to 300k, I have no doubt. But you can be her new lover. For just over $5k, she'll love you back.

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