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3 spoke steering wheel question

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My friends mother is picking up an 03 cabrio this saturday and I when I was down at the VW lot checking out 20ths and Touregs I saw her cabrio and it had a 3 spoke wheel in it. I know she wouldn't care or even know, but is it possible to do a direct swap of the two wheels?
I'm pretty sure cabrio 3spokes are the same as all others, but my main question is do I have to take the airbag off the wheel, remove the wheel, switch the cabrios and mine, and re-assemble, or can the wheel be removed with the airbag intact and directly swap?
I havent checked out any DIY for three spoke install, but on a 1-10 how hard is doing this? Do i need any codes or is it plug+play.
thanks, sorry if I sound confusing

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Re: 3 spoke steering wheel question (smurfintp)

they should be the same spindle and they should swap right over. i've had my wheel off not too long ago and it was really no sweat, BUT, I did use a steering wheel puller.
Re: 3 spoke steering wheel question (Maflagulator)

and is cabrio wheel same as GTI 3 spoke????
Re: 3 spoke steering wheel question (smurfintp)

bump cause i wish i was in your situation....
i HATE the 4 spoke
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