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337 rear with a bigger tip?

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Im attempting to use the 337 rear valence and putting a single tip exhaust system with a 100mm tip. Would that fit right? The stock 337 tip is approximately 76 mm. What could I do to make it fit or should i just change the exhaust tip.
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Re: 337 rear with a bigger tip? (manasteel)

I have Milltek CB with 100 mm tip and it first perfectly!
Re: 337 rear with a bigger tip? (manasteel)

OK, I gotta do this...
"Oh my gawd becky! Look at that tip - its soo big !"
'He must be one of those rap guy wannabes, who understands those rap guy wannabes anyway'
(Note, not intended as a flame, just some senseless humor)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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