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02 jetta wagon manual windows, no sun sunroof
The tailgate open switch (drivers door) has never work sense I've set eyes on the car. I was trying to fix that problem today and came across a problem.
Scanned the Central Locks Module and got these;
2 faults,
01389 tailgate open switch (f124)
27-10-Implausible signal- Intermittent
01044- Control Module Incorrectly Coded
35-00- -
The switch is not to much of a worry to me ( I pretty much know why it threw the code).
The coding code is tho. I tried to recode it. and it let's me do the hole Procedure but when I go back to check the numbers, it has not change them. I've tried several times before and after clearing the codes.
The software coding is, 00018. I trying to change it to, 02348.
I would guess maybe the Module ( Central Locks ) is bad?
Any advise would be appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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