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3m swirl mark remover

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i just ordered in some 3m swirl mark remover. However, what I got was for light colored cars. I have a black Jetta. Anyone know if I can use this stuff on my dark car, and what the results would be? I don't want to go through the hassle of returning, if this is essentially the same product as for dark cars.
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Re: 3m swirl mark remover (forrest)

Yeh use it. I have found that SMR works best when applied smallest sections at a time. THe way to apply it is start with firm pressure keeping the hands stiff. DONT use alot of pressure as you will marr teh car worse. After the product is rubbed on lighten up the pressure and continue buffing (in fore to aft motion or bumper to bumper on the hood, roof and trunk lid and vertically on the doors and fenders VERY important). Then as the product is chalking up and dissapearing, use lightest pressure to buff. This light presure will remove any marks you may have created. To go even furhter clean the area you just buffed with denatured alcohol (removes all fillers and oil from SMR) and see exactly the progress you have made. THere shouldnt be any swirls or haze. If there is just repeat.
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