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Ok, i just joined the 4 door VR golf club
. I'm just wondering how many other 4 door vr golfs there are out there in North America and where they are located. I know i'm the only mk3 golf with a VR in Calgary, but I know there's several out west in Vancouver with 4 door vr's and 1.8t's.
Oh and please post a pic too

here's my all time fav 4 door VR for some extra views. Lobstrosity's car also inspired me to do the swap.
Behold the Volf....

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Re: 4 door VR golfs in NA.... (neildorin)

there was an alpine white one about 2 years ago that went by "phatgolf" or "phat vr6", RPI just had a silver 4 door featured in European Car a few months ago, there's the ever famous Abtgolf car (widebody, was jazz blue, not sure what color it will end up), there's actually quite a few...
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