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40/40 drop w/ 215/40/17

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Over the last couple weeks we have disassembled my car in preperation for the paint job (Hemi Orange). About a week ago I recieved my 40/40 weitec cup kit and my TSW Alpine 17's just came in a few days ago. We aren't installing the suspension kit till after the paint is complete. Does anyone know what my wheel well gap situation is going to look like?? I am going nuts trying to visualize it. Thanks in advance... BoB
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Re: 40/40 drop w/ 215/40/17 (NorthDakota2.0)

you don't get a 40/40 drop with the cup kit do you? i thought it was 60/40
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Re: 40/40 drop w/ 215/40/17 (pdxvento)

you can get a 40/40 and a 60/40 as well as others...i would imagine youd have about an inch or so of wheel gap. thats what i have in the back of my 60/40 kit but im lowering it down a bit during the winter
Re: 40/40 drop w/ 215/40/17 (Severance)

ah, okay, my mistake. i ahve a 1.5 inch drop in the front with neuspeed springs and i have, id say, about 3/4 to 1 inch of fender space.
you do the conversion

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