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i know i know. 40 series tires ftl blah blah blah. flame suit on.
i am going back to this stage of my car, except its going to be tinted windows ill show you why at the end.
so i keep looking at the following photos, i know they are 40 series but im thinking of going back with a 40 series instead of a 45.
i like the way the wheels look with these tires on. the 45 seems to big for my taste.
what im asking is honest opinions here.
does it look good with a 40, or should i go 45.
BTW it will be lower all around this time around if that will persuade you.
i like a fender to ground low, more then tucking crazy amount of tire low.

how it looks right now, with 225/45's,unspaced and reverse rake cause i havent adjusted the coils yet.

and why it will remain tinted.

thanks in advance for anyone who contributes rather then bashes.

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Re: (Drifting_In_The_Sky)

Quote, originally posted by R-Acs »
I'm running 40 series tires... on 9 inch wide wheels though.

yeah i know, im gonna get that too. the "get real wheels" guys.
but as you see above. my car is not my life. my little girl is, i mod my car for the fact i like the scene i like meeting people and going to shows to hang out.
not trying to be a baller or impress no one but my self.
Quote, originally posted by Drifting_In_The_Sky »
It looked really good on 40's imo, inspiration for when my car was on monica's... It might be a better ride with 45's tho..

wow, thats an achievement.

i also ran 40s on my lm reps...

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Re: (iScrape)

Quote, originally posted by iScrape »

haha where did you get those center caps? stickers?
I have some chrome ones from my RS4 reps in my closet and that would be funny to put a sticker on them and rock em for a bit ahah

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Re: 40 series tires. (iScrape)

Quote, originally posted by hynt »
Just don't have wheel gap and you're kicked.
PS, buy real wheels

lol. no, i dont think wheel gap will be an issue.
Quote, originally posted by idwurks »
If you make it look that way again (with 40s) it will look great.
As long as you stay around there, itll look perfect. Great job.

thank you sir. its the same coils just different setup to get a bit lower.
Quote, originally posted by Brettriehl101 »


yes sir they are. thanks.
Quote, originally posted by leftside »
cute kid

thank you.

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Re: (Tj_gti)

I'll be running 205/40/17 on my Arietta's. With the height I'm at and 215/45's, my tires rub the inside of my wheel wells up front pretty bad so I kind of have to get something smaller. If you're low enough its not hard to pull off.

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Re: (Eurotrash18t)

I've been debating going with a 40 series on my 17" arietta, and you have given me inspiration. I'll be getting new wheels this summer, but need tires for now to pass inspection. Most will say go ahead and get new wheels right now, but I to have a son, and have to save up for my toys after I take care of his needs first. Oh yeah, he's 2 and will be 3 on June 22nd.

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Quote, originally posted by Mr.Tan »
so much hate on 40 series tires, why?

They get you lip and fender "low" but with wheelgap, that's why
Edit: This is for 205/40s. Does not apply to all 40 series 17" tires

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