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When I bought my car the sunroof didnt work. Broken guides. no big deal. I went to the dealership , bought the parts and was goin to install them this last week. The problem , the previous owner ripped half way into the roof and I am missing some very important parts.
1) Part # 811 877 270 ~TILT LEVER~(funny looking thing that has the the tilt lever rod attached to it. its got 2 1/4" or so round pieces sticking out of it)
2)Part # 321 877 279 A ~TILT LEVEL ROD~(goes between the two tilt levers. a spring hooks to it. I have no idea what it looks like cause its missing)
If you have these or can get them for me I would be happy. Monetary compensation could be arranged. Or if you are in the western WA area and have a parts 4000 I would be willing to come pull them myself. thanks!!!
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