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40k Mile Service Question

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I just called my dealer and he quoted me for $339.95 for the 40k mile service. I was actually wondering if its worth the money or should i do it myself. If there's not much of a difference in price of doing it myself and dealer, i rather have the dealer do it, to keep my drivetrain in tact. I've searched through the whole vortex, recent and archived topics, but could not find a price on doing it yourself. If there is anyone that could break it down for me, it would be much appreciated. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 40k Mile Service Question (GoGTIGo)

I think that most of the cost is the "inspection"
but they will replace your coilpacks if they do it..
Its alot cheaper if you do it though..keep all reciepts!
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