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40k service

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Just got this 99 Passat 1.8T and it's just hit 40K.Is there anything special I need
to know about the 40,000 mi. service.
Please advise GH
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Re: 40k service (GAhamby)

In the manual it lists items to be checked and or changed. It wil probably run you about 450.00 in the DC area. Make sure the pollen filter gets changed
Re: 40k service (ytqm)

I believe it's plugs,air & fuel filters,oil change,tire rotation & various checks.....
Re: 40k service (GAhamby)

Did you get this Passat through a Private Party, a VW Dealer...????
40K is a major Service for VW: Oil & Filter replace, replace Spark Plugs,
Check condition of timing belt,washerfluid checklevel, Autoshift Lock check,Check brakes, Rotate wheels, front to rear, battery- check electrolyte
level,replace dust/pollen filter, Manual/ Tiptronic Trans. check for leaks, check
tires & spare, drive shafts- check boots, OBD check DTC memory, door check straps- lube, Roadtest, Replace Air Filter, Cooling System -check level, V Belt
check condition, Ribbed belt- check condition, front axle check, check ATF &
differential level, adjust headlights, check AirBag system...

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Re: 40k service (GAhamby)

I just had my 40K done. I called VWoA to check to see what really needed to be done. I had heard so many different things that I was a little unclear. I knew if I asked the dealer they would infact say "oh yeah, you need this and that done"......can you say ka-ching(sp)$$$$$. So, I did a lot of checking and really all you need is to have your oil changed, tires rotated (have your tire shop do it if you have aftermarket rims), change spark plugs.....don't buy theirs they will want you to pay about $18 bucks per plug. I went to my local car parts store and got the Bosche Platinum 4 prong for under $5.00. that right there will save you money. You will need your air filter changed. I have the K&N air filter, so I took it out and cleaned and oiled it. They will change your cabin filter. Can I just tell you right now.........my dealer charges $20.50 for the labor to change it. That does not include the filter. You can do that yourself. The dealer will put your car up on the Vagtool. Check belts and what not. The timing belt does not need to be checked according to VWoA until the 60K Service. You do not need to spend $450.00 on this service. I changed my spark plugs, brought my own synthetic oil in, changed my air filter and cabin filter and I spent about $200.00 on the whole thing. Good luck with it.
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