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4ch amp + component setup...

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Im installing a 4ch amp and 2 sets of MBQuart speakers...
my question is how should I run the cables?
Its an MKIV GTI w/ monsoon... I was hoping to use the monsoon wiring thats already ran thru the car, but it this is a pain, or running my own speaker wire is easy please let me know...
If running my own speaker wire is viable. how do I get it from the car into the door...?
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Re: 4ch amp + component setup... (phreak9i6)

I've been in your shoes, and I'd run separate speaker wires. You don't want your sweet MB Quart speakers to be fed by those pathetic 18 or 20 gauge wire VW uses.
Just run new wires (yes, it's more work) but it'll pay off. For rears, run wires under carpet and take out trim to reveal innards. Fronts, take off trim in bottom of A pillar and by the door hinge there should be a boot that takes wires in to the door.
Hope this helps http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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