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4ch amp + component setup...

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Im installing a 4ch amp and 2 sets of MBQuart speakers...
my question is how should I run the cables?
Its an MKIV GTI w/ monsoon... I was hoping to use the monsoon wiring thats already ran thru the car, but it this is a pain, or running my own speaker wire is easy please let me know...
If running my own speaker wire is viable. how do I get it from the car into the door...?
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Re: 4ch amp + component setup... (Raganoo)

quote:[HR][/HR]bigger is better. [HR][/HR]​
To the point of diminishing returns..
Unless you are running stupid power, or have very long runs.. the performance difference between 16/14 and 12 guage is very minor.
fyi: I use Esoteric 14 guage, 2 or 4 conductor wire, and that is what is used for the mids/highs in the JL AUDIO demo Golf and Audi A4.
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