From the factory, your VW’s rear end is fitted with bushings meant to provide enough stability for the suspension and driveline components to do their jobs, but not so well that comfort is compromised. For a discerning enthusiast interested in improving hard launch times or reducing deflection, the 4Motion Rear Subframe and Diff Bushing Inserts from ECS are exactly what you need!


Your VW will experience a significant reduction in bushing deflection during launches and cornering by the reduction of subframe movement and allowing the differential to transfer as much power to the wheels as possible.


Better still, these inserts are direct replacements for OE bushings that may be worn and in need of service while robbing your car of performance capabilities. This kit serves as a maintenance service as well as a performance modification and includes all necessary hardware with new torque to yield bolts.With shortened 0-60 times and better responsiveness, your VW will come to new life thanks to the improved performance of these inserts.


Bring your VW up to a new level of performance and start enjoying the response and punch of the ECS 4Motion Rear Subframe and Differential Bushing Inserts!