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that shiny one at the bottom, well, that and 3 that arent shiny yet. (the clear failed years ago, these need a good sanding, but this one does them all good though:) the curbage is minimal, they are in very good shape for their age.
ive stripped em, polished one (not the best job, could be refinished)
so they are a project that i dont have time for. That, and my car wont do them justice (lowered with big bumpers and not a speck of chrome)
I know, being a wheelwhore and selling these is sacrilege, but I have some financial issues i need to come to terms with.
They are 15x6 et38 american racing centra 7 knockoffs. all with centercaps. they are 4x100, with a 73mm bore (they need hub rings)
These would be absolutely sick with a capital K with some whitewalls on a small bumpered golf or jetta.
I dont want to get rid of them, i really dont, but I need money more than 7 sets of wheels in my garage.
Ill part with em for $250 + shipping. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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