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4x100-->4x108 Possible?

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There's a set of wheels I'm looking into getting, but they come in 4x108 bolt pattern. Are there any adapters for this? I was told one way to get them to fit is having the holes redrilled, but that's an extra $50/wheel.
Thanks in advance. :}
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Re: 4x100-->4x108 Possible? (Don't Have One)

Damn old Audis eh? Custom adaptors can surely be made in that pattern. Be warned though, they will have to be at least 15mm thick, so check the offset (and hope it's 45mm or higher, if you want to fit stock arches)
[edit] I just noticed you mentioned redrilling would be an extra $50 a wheel - this would be cheaper than adaptors, I can almost guarantee it.

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Re: 4x100-->4x108 Possible? (LostBoyScout)

quote:[HR][/HR]this would be cheaper than adaptors, I can almost guarantee it.[HR][/HR]​
Almost? Come on Jason, you know better...
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