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5+5 having problems...

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I put the Golf away for the winter, and picked up a 1981 Audi 5+5.
I don't know a whole lot about the car, but the body is in good shape and it runs well.
This morning I turned on the radio and the fan stopped working, as well as the radio (no power).
What's wrong?
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Re: 5+5 having problems... (cdunc)

Check for a blown fuse! The 5+5 was the predicessor to the CGT. It's a 4000 2 door with the 2.2 ltr 5 cylinder engine and 5 speed tranie that was later used in the CGT. Great little car. Does yours still have the original 13" snowflake wheels? If so...do NOT ditch those wheels. Sure, get some nice ones...but keep the snowflakes! It was my first car. Boy, I miss her...if I could find a nice example of one...I'd buy it in a sec. What color is yours? Mine was helois metalic blue....beautiful.
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Re: 5+5 having problems... (duandcc)

I checked the fuses, they are all fine.
Yes, I have those snowflake wheels, but they are off for the winter.
The car is silver, with a little rust.
So much fun to drive!
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