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07k Mk V Jetta
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Anyone know if axles from a 2010 cc would be compatible with and Mk V jetta or would they be too long? Also this is more complex probably simple for some question. Does anyone know if I can fit a Southbend clutch disk & pressure plate from a 5 spd, 0A4 Kpf, to a flywheel from a 6 spd Fsi ? The flywheel would be from Southbend as well both being stage 2-lightweight. Please help, as I have to make a purchase on this donor vehicle asap, it's been harder than ever to find an Fsi - 02Q donor. As far as the clutch question I have reached out to manufacture to find out as well. Also axles i'm going to try checking some part numbers to cross reference. Thanks in advanced.

-Cheers to the pros with exp 🍻
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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