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well i have a set of wheels that i dont think i've seen or read about anyone having on their car (i could be wrong) that i have laying around and they are 15x7 all around but they are 5x4.5 and 4.5 inches = 114.3mm so that's what i'm in the market for.
I've searched on the internet and i've obviously found egay ones but i would rather stay away from those, and was wondering if anyone else has possibly gotten these adapters and where from? or hey if you have a set for sale for a reasonable price i'll pick em up
Also i'm looking to try and get them as close to flush with the body as possible so as far as spacing goes what would do the job? 15mm, 20mm or 25mm
tires on the wheels are 195/50R/15 82H
thanks all
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