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As is stated in the title, i just bought another 2004 R32.
This car was owned by a fellow Vortex memeber.
It has just under 20,000 miles.
As you can see in the pics it took a good shot to the right front, we have checked the car out and the damage was limited to the front suspention, and axle, motor and trans are perfect.
As of this time we do not have any of the parts from this car pre sold, so everything is up for grabs.
Please also note over the past 6 months we have parted out more than 9 other R32's so if there is a part your looking for but don't think it's on this car , please ask we may still have it!
As the parts get sold i will start a sold to list so you can see if what your looking for has been sold!
Please check out the pics.

Please as always IM me for the quickest response.

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Re: 6/22/05 Parting out yet another R32, Blue, 20,000 miles. (UndergroundVWparts)

interested in all aluminum trim pieces plus any door pulls & handles...etc...
please im for price

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