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P1926 passive auxiliary engine coolant pump relay - ive checked and there is no coolant leak
P1195 active fuel pressure regulator valve
P3087 active supply relay for engine components - I know its not my battery
P1927 active auxiliary engine coolant pump relay - no coolant leak
P2570 active direct ozone reduction catalyst temp - this last one I got when I installed a downpipe

Cold start in the morning like normal for about 10 seconds then it stalled. Turned it over a few more times with instant turn offs. I tried one last thing and put it in first and gave it some gas, it stayed on but with crazy rough idle until it warms up. It starts like normal when the engine is warmed up. I cant build boost past 3lbs either. stage 2 apr
Ive also noticed my vacuum pressure changed from -22 up to -24 (-22 being normal) ive never seen it go -24 since i have owned the car.
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