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6-disc CD Changer Help for Golf IV........

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Hi, I have a 2000 VW Golf GLS with Monsoon Sound System. I am looking for a six disc cd changer for this car with monsoon sound system (already have a in-dash single cd player). I can't decide which one of the following is the best (cheap and best quality) combination from http://www.crutchfield.com[/URL]

1, Panasonic CX-DP610 6-disc CD changer. Do I need to buy The Precision Interface VW98PN6 adapter in order for this CD changer to work with the monsoon system??? ($19.95+$259.95+shipping)


2, the USA SPEC SCD-VW44 6-disc changer/adapter package ($279.95+shipping). Will this work with the monsoon system without buying any additional adapter???

Please let me know!! thanks

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Re: 6-disc CD Changer Help for Golf IV........ (VW_GOLF_MK4)

Just go to the dealer and get the OEM one...an aftermarket one isn't going to make the sound any better...
Re: 6-disc CD Changer Help for Golf IV........ (VW_GOLF_MK4)

The Panasonic CX-DP610 6-disc changer is the aftermarket equivalent to the unit offered by VW. One place a number of us Vortexers have purchased this unit at is logjam.com:
I have used this unit for a year now, and it performs great. This unit costs $195.95 at logjam. That is for a *new* unit, not a refurbished one (I state this only for clarity). $259.95 from Crutchfield? Ouch!
As you are aware, in addition to the changer, you will need to buy an adapter (to match the style of connector pre-wired in your trunk to the connector on the changer). There are two different connectors:
VWPCPAN6: all CD changer functions (including mix) work. $49.95 at logjam
VW98PAN6: all CD changer functions (except for mix) work. $29.95 at logjam
Here is a helpful site that explains how to save beaucoups bucks by installing it all yourself:
It is very easy to install. I recommend getting the brackets and screws from the dealer (~$15 for a complete set of brackets and screws) to secure the changer in the slot in the trunk (see roadsleeper's site, the link above, for details). Note: some people have reported that there is a plug covering the actual connector that is attached to the pre-wired cable in the trunk; apparently this plug is there to protect the actual connector. This plug is very cleverly disguised, such that some people have confused it with the connector. If this plug is there, it has to be removed before you attach the adapter.
Finally, you will hear the dealer mention that the head unit needs to be specially programmed to adequately accept the CD signal. I recommend you hook it up yourself and listen to it before you consider having this done. For most of us, it has been unneccesary to have the dealer program the head unit. Furthermore, there should be no need for you to disconnect your battery in order to install the CD changer, nor should there be any need to re-enter your head unit's security control.
Sorry for the long-winded post. I hope it helps you.
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Re: 6-disc CD Changer Help for Golf IV........ (MojoMan)

Sorry to bug you about this, but does the steering wheel controls work with the changer as well?
Re: 6-disc CD Changer Help for Golf IV........ (GTEYE 18T)

Regarding the steering wheel controls and the changer:
I think they might, but I can't say for sure, because I don't have steering wheel controls. Hopefully, someone who does will answer your question. Or, you might ask the folks at logjam:
good luck,
Re: 6-disc CD Changer Help for Golf IV........ (MojoMan)

I have the Panasonic 610 changer and the 29.95 adapter in my 01 GTI. Everything works great, including the steering-wheel controls. I would never use the mix function, since I burn my own CD's. Which means that yes, CD-R's do work on the changer as long as they are WAV files and not MP3's.
Re: 6-disc CD Changer Help for Golf IV........ (KYWFU99)

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