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As the title mentioned, I need help getting these files to a computer. Here is what was recoreded.
20AE (stock), 03 Jetta (stock), 3" GHL turboback, 2.5" APR turboback, 2.5" TT turboback w/o resonator, 2.5" w/ Arospeed muffler cat-back
All recordings were done on a DAT recorder, a Sony PCM-M1.
I need advice on how to transfer these digital recordings to a PC, cheaply but accurately. The recordings were made at 44.1 KHz sampling.
Please, does someone have experience with this unit and can provide advice on how to do this? The audio clips will be posted for all 'Texers to enjoy.
This was done in response to what the new APR turboback with tips for the Golf/GTI sounds like.
Thanks in advance.
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