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6 speed manual trans

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It definitely seems that we can use 6th gear in our cars.
Does anyone know if the 6spd is available for 1.8T fwd's? I know it's available in Europe for the 4 Motion but not sure about the fwd's.
If so, does anyone have the part number because I want one....bad!!!!
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Re: 6 speed manual trans (b5bel)

No it's not available for the 1.8T. And it's not available for every 4MO. Last year when my dad bought his '00 B5 TDI PD 4MOTION, the 6-speed tranny was standard on the 115 hp/310 Nm 1.9 litre TDI engine WITH 4MOTION. If you chose FWD, the car came equipped with the normal 5-speed tranny and limited torque (285 Nm, IIRC). For some extra, you could order the 6-speed for FWD, which, of course, increased the torque to the normal 310 Nm.
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