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6-speed manual trans swap from a 2007 S4 up for grabs. 70k miles on it, and worked perfectly when removed. I bought this to do a manual conversion on my 4.2 allroad, but have since decided to trim the fleet and sell the car (allroad also available for sale). $1,800 + shipping OBO for everything. Includes the following:

-OEM Motronic ME7 ECU
-6-speed transmission
-Transmission spacer
-shift linkage & shifter box
-Clutch & pressure plate
-Front axles
-Rear differential
-Complete pedal cluster w/ wiring pigtails for sensors
-Brake MC and booster (if desired)
-All the associated hardware

Feel free to message me with questions or offers. :)

Picture of most of the parts (minus pedal cluster & brake booster)
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