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The owner of this beautiful vehicle called me over the weekend on a reference from a friend of mine. We discussed what he wanted done to the vehicle and he chose one of my detail packages that included correction, interior and an engine bay cleaning. I would have to say that I'm completely beat after this detail totaling just over 30 hours . Hope everyone enjoys as I have quite a few photos.

-Two bucket wash w/ heavy mix of dawn
-DP Extreme Auto foam/heavy Dawn mix via AG Foam cannon
-Red LC wash mitt
-Dried with LC HD WW towels
-Pinnacle Clay bar
-Pinnacle clay lube

-1z Cockpit Premium
-Aerospace 303
-Stoners glass cleaner
-P21s TAW for floor mat cleaning
-Shop vac

Engine Bay
-P21s TAW for cleaning
-Combination of CD2 and Aerospace 303

-Various Brushes w/ P21s Wheel Gel
-Meg's Gold class tire gel
-Wheel wells received some Aerospace 303

-PCXP 7424
-Megs 105 w/ LC Orange pad (2 Passes)
-Megs 205 w/ LC White pad (2 Passes)
-Spot buffed with LC Yellow foamed wool and M105 for some deep RIDs

-Black Fire Wet Diamond Paint Sealant
-Pinnacle Souverän
-Exterior metal polished w/ Mothers.

When I picked up the vehicle I was happy to see that the car was fairly clean and in decent condition. It was resprayed at one time in its life to a very nice metallic blue. Interior was completely stock and looked fantasitc for its age. Here are some pics of when I picked the car up and got it to the garage.

After seeing the car in the sun I saw a good amount of swirls and what looked to be like deep scratches or RIDS. Little did I know that once the inital swirls were removed that these deeper RIDs were all over the place and I knew then this was going to be a rough one to polish.

Here you can see if you look close some of these deeper scratches I am referring too. I thought that the trunk lid was the only place these were but boy was I wrong.

A few sun pics through the trees showing some swirls.

Some shots of the dirty bay

I washed the bay very carefully but did not take any during process pics of this. After the bay was completed I then moved onto the decontamination of the paint surface.

Foaming the car with my AutoGeek foam cannon

Foam mix dwelling

After rinse and Dry w/ LC WW HD drying towels

By this time it was getting dark out on the first day of the detail so I brought the car into the garage and put it under various lighting to see what I was working with. I taped the car up to get ready for the next day of polishing and also did a little test spot to see what my process would be for polishing.

Here is my test area. I started out with a white pad and 205 and saw some pretty big changes but it was only removing light surface swirls and wasn’t touching the RIDS. I stepped it up to orange on 105 and saw great improvement and a lot of the RIDS in this area were removed. I had to spot compound with a LC Yellow foamed wool to remove some of the deep RIDS on quite a bit of the car.

Test section before.


A few 50/50 of the test section.


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The next day I compounded for the majority of the day. Here are a few pics throughout this long day.




Hood Before

Hood area 50/50’s


After compounding, going back to spot buff with the wool after revealing the deep RIDS under the swirls and then recoupounding to remove the wool marring and polishing. Gave it a nice IPA wipe down and took it out into the sun to check my work.

Gloss was restored that was not there before.

And the sun showed excellent correction

It was ready for another wash at this time but I was beat and called it a day. Here are a few shots in the garage under different lighting showing correction. Please excuse the dust.

The next night after work it was time for the little things. After rewashing to remove dust and drying I was left with a very nice surface to start sealing and then waxing.

The car was sealed with Black fire wet diamond paint sealant. And let cure over night. In the morning I applied a coat of Pinnacle Souverän.

Here are the afters of my hard work. Enjoy!

Engine Bay completed

Shot of the finished interior


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Wow...that is just incredible. What is your process for cleaning the engine bay? I want to clean mine but don't know where to start.

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Wow...that is just incredible. What is your process for cleaning the engine bay? I want to clean mine but don't know where to start.
Do you comeo ut to any of the local GTG's? I see you are in winchester. If you want to come on by my house I can show/teach you and we can use some of the products I have here. You have a new car so you can pretty much spray away in the bay.
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