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Pending how the MK6 GLI turns out, what do you all feel would be the best buy within the next 2 years or so.
By then there should be a fair amount of used GTIs and GLIs assuming the GLI comes out around 6 months after the MK6 Jetta, and there should also be some pretty hot deals on MKV R32s.
My dilemma is this, I currently have a MKV GLI, I prefer the sedan to the hatch, but if the MK6 GLI looks like crap then I'll opt for the GTI because I like how it looks. Then we have the R32, the sound of this car goes unmatched. In about 2 years they will be used around 20k, and the MK6s will likely be around there too, if a little more.
Then there's the DSG vs 6MT. The only time I ever drove a manual was in my dad's 540i, and maybe for like 10 trips. I have the hang of it and I like it, and in my current DSG GLI I always drive so that I select my gears, so at least I have half of driving a manual down pat.
So in all of your opinion, what's the verdict? If you had the choice in 2 years, would you buy a similarly priced DSG MKV R32 or 6MT MK6 GTI/GLI?
I just can't decide

Oh and also for what it's worth, I know I'm thinking 2 years ahead from now and I know there may be other options, but for the here and now of my hopes and dreams, let's just play along eh? Thanks.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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