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Southern California's 1970's and 1980's Classic VW-Audi Water Cooled Event returns. Bring your 70's and or 80's Water cooled to the Vintage Water Cooled Meet. This year we expect to see over 100 pre 92 VWs!!! This year we celebrate 1979 West Germany.

Sunday November 3rd, 2019 is the day all the 1974-1992 VWs (and all Corrados) meet up at a SPECIAL New location, Privet Park in Orange County California.

We setup a pre registration page with event information.
Please use this link:


The park is beautiful and similar to ones that are used for VW gatherings in Europe. The general public will not be allowed in, only guests wanting to attend our event. Guests will include driver's/ owners and friends of period correct VAG (A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, all Fox) cars that have water cooled motors that were introduced before 1990. This includes Corrados, all MK2 Golf/ Jetta. Audi (before 1990 like 4000 - 5000, fox and GT) AND 924, and 944 Porsche. This year's event will be great. You can attend if you love the featured cars but don't have one. We have lots of "very" nearby parking for spectator's cars.

FAQ: What is a 70s/80s GTG display car?

The way you can tell if your car is period correct for the GTG is easy. If the body style was first produced in the 70's or 80s it is period correct!!! A1 MK1s and A2 MK2s were all first produced before 1990 but what about cars that were built later? All Corrados are period correct because the first production was in 1988 then available in the US in 1990. The B3 was first produced in 1988 as well and was available in 90 in the US. So ALL B3s (any year) are display cars including the VR6. The last VW to be introduced in the 80's was the Taro in 89.

Cars that were first produced from 1990-2013 (like the Vento and Golf III) are welcome to attend but will park in the extra lot.

Answers to the most common questions.
• Is pre registration required? YES. Pre Registration helps us plan for appropriate number people so please Register when the details become available Thanks!

• How do I enter the "show" ?
Well the whole event is a GTG/ show. Even if you park in the extra area, you are part of the show. There is no judging so bring your stock, work in progress or completed car to the event!

• The Park has several rules that are enforced. Trailers can enter the park and will be parked outside the GTG display area. There is room. All trailers must stay outside the display area.

• Any advertising of businesses that is obvious (self-evident) is not allowed. Cars can have advertising stickers on them.

• Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is not allowed. No Controlled Substances.

• Can you bring your own food and drinks?
Absolutely! We encourage it. Bring plenty of water/liquids to keep hydrated and food/snacks. Please place trash in trash cans. Propane BBQ grilling is permitted in the provided area, no coal. Please clean up after yourself.

• Are canopies allowed?
Yes! Bring your personal canopy and chairs, however we DO NOT allow any company signage or marketing materials. Commercial signage or product sales are not permitted. Personal sales of items are allowed as long as displays are not messy or large. Please use straps and weights to prevent any canopy movement from wind gusts.

• Are Pets allowed?
Restrictions at the site include, No Pets.

• Are Skateboards allowed?
Restrictions at the site include: No Roller Skates, No Skateboards.

Also No Firearms, No Knives, and No Fireworks.

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