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All right straight to business.

About a year ago my dad's best friend gave us this 1974 Audi Fox that was going to be my first car. It's in pretty rough but also decent shape for being 41 years old. It has been sitting for around 10 years but we got it home with newer tires and put a new battery and a little gas in it and to our surprise it fired right up!
Most of the work is cosmetic, but it could use a touch up under the hood, its a little dirty. It has a lot of cancer on the bottom and even has holes you can stick a few fingers through from the front seats. Oh yeah, the seats. The car hasn't been kept after all too well and the vinyl on the seats turned into a very brittle plastic that was growing a little bit of mold on so being the innovative people my dad and I are, we pulled them out then ran up to Pick n Pull with our measurements scavenging for the correct sized seats to fit. It was tough because there was no frame support that most seats are bolted to, they were just straight on the floor. Luckily we found out that a Mazda, (or Nissan can't remember), has the perfect seats and they are fully customizable as well as fit like a dream.
The back seats are actually alright. They need a thorough cleaning but otherwise they're still good.
Some, if not all, of the windows leak due to worn out seals and we're looking for somewhere that does resealing in Portland for a good price.
The wheels we figured out have a leak somewhere in them and I'm going to have them fully serviced to clean them up and fix any leaks because they're the original wheels and look great.

I don't know what other parts we might need or could be missing but I have no idea where I might find more so I thought going to you guys would be a good start.
I live over here on the west coast in Portland, Oregon so anything local is great or if I can have you ship me goodies that's cool too!

I'll post pictures as soon as I go over to my dad's house again but hey, its a fox body.

Almost forgot!
P.S. The guy we got it from, his ex girlfriend's dad apparently collects these and has a few more but we have no idea if he actually does or not. So any rumors are good too.
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