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Okay so here it is, im getting a 78 audi fox this saturday, the only problem with it is that its the 3 speed auto.. :rolleyes: so im gonna run it as is till summer, but in summer i was thinking about trying to get stuff to convert it.. okay so my questions are what exactly am i going to need? im guessing

shift linkages
shifter box
pedal assembly
clutch and all that

am i going to need the axels too or will the auto axels work?

also will the manual mount to the engine ? do they have the same bolt pattern and also do the auto and manual mount to the same places in the car itself?

another thing is would i be able to use a transmission and all those parts from above from a VW fox? or what other cars could i use to get this to work? because obviously audi foxes are a bit hard to come by..

so yeah what do you guys think ill need and any advice? thanks

Chris :)
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