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'78 rabbit shell in portland area

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'78 rabbit shell no engine, 2h tranny, shaved door handles, electric antenna, poly bushings, 3 sirocco wheels(5 spoke 13), 2 bmw steel wheels with snow tires. $50.00 recontructed title

its black now
e-mail me http://[email protected]

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Re: '78 rabbit shell in portland area (wabit)

if you still have the siloneids for the shaved door handles I will gladly take the car off your hands also what shape is the tranny in? and does it come with the sideskirts?
Re: '78 rabbit shell in portland area (DMSrabbit)

never drove with that tranny came out of a car that was driveable
there is only one siloneid, i'm keeping the sideskirts
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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