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We've been working on the car a while & cant find the prob.
here are the simptomes
on starts it will take some crank to start up
what we've noticed is that once the oil light on the dash goes out
then it starts.
If the car is turned off and then try to start again it will take a bit to start up again
So far we've replaced the ignition coil, ignition switch, O2 sensor but it still takes
a while for the car to start.
Any help guys

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Re: 83 rabbit Qs??? (MeanieMe)

You've replaced suff way down my list of hard start cures...here's my top items, you looked at them?
plugs in good shape
spark circuit not leaking spark...good plug wires, dist cap/rotor?
ignition timing correct?
Now that spark is not an issue...look at FI system:
is the cold start valve squirting (5th injecor on end of intake)?
is the cold start air valve open when cold (back of manifold, just take off hose and blow thru it from the intake boot side to see if its open)?
pressure regulator on front of block is temp sensitive and if its faulty, might not be increaseing FI pressure during cold starts?
Injectors clean and spraying good patterns?
All this stuff in good working order, CIS systems bulletproof! Good luck! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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