Model:Jetta GLI
Mileage:258000 KM
Purchased this prior to Covid with the intention of her getting back on the road, well, almost 2 years have gone by and the interest is no longer there. The prior owner had this car for most of its life, and started to restore / replace various things on the car. Currently the tranny is out of the car, and this will need to be towed. The car does have some rust spots, "cosmetic" but nothing that effects structure and no holes etc. Interior is as clean as they come, dash is MINT. I have pretty much everything you will need to get it back on the road, and a TON of new and used parts, and I do mean a CRAP TON, even a new rear beam. Message me if you would like to chat or check her out, I have a bunch of pics I can send also. Car is located in Windsor, Co. Not many of these guys left out there, if you wanted a first year GLI this is the one to get..