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i am putting up for sale my personal daily driver. an 84 rabbit 4dr diesel that has a fresh 5spd trans in it out of a mk2 diesel. i personally went through this trans and replaced all seals, bearings, push rod and bushing. it has less than 1k since overhaul. the clutch kit has less than 4k.
the motor it was a brand new rebuilt engine in the crate when i purchased the car jus needed to be installed. since the install i have added many many new parts...either to complete the install or just to have done so to make sure the car would run strong enough to DD it.
this car is sweet and while this isnt a patina wagon it still has its own style that one could learn to love very quickly.
ok here goes a parts list of all the new itiems ive purchased and installed.
floors (front)
thorttle cable
clutch cable
5spd shift linkage
2.5" drop plates
rear side blinkers
water pump (new X2)
thermostat (new X2)
gas cap
alternator (less than 200 miles)
battery (less than 200 miles)
4 tires
wheel bearings
almost all sensors
2" exhaust/muffler/diesel flapper
clutch kit
front brake calipers
pads/shoes/hardware kits
stainless braided brake lines
all filters
injector pump
injectors rebuilt
glow plugs
almost all relays
blinker lights
steering rack
inner/outer tie rod ends
rainX wiper blades
wiper motor
rear window
rear window seal
htach gasket
blinker switch
wiper switch
cd player
6 speakers
motor mounts
rear trans mount (poly)
front door handles w/ key
hatch shock
rear parcel tray rubber straps
police horn/siren
has 4 rabbit OEM mud flaps
i raised strut towers 2". the fenders were removed when i did this so i could get behind them and patch the spot weld that were drilled out. i re-undercoated and POR15'd the fender wells. i still have yet to grind down the strut towers and POR15 them but thats something i can do in about 45 mins.
thats all i can think of as of right now. im sure theres more though.
also on top of all that i have a HUGE inventory of parts for this car, that for the right price will (i would like to get rid of) go with this awesome car. a few things are:
a gr8 shifting/running 4 spd trans
rear disc setup
2 spare (good) motors complete
2 good spare inj. pumps
more bins of parts than you can shake a stick at
valve covers/oil pans
misc nuts and bolts
new front shocks/springs/strut housings (less than 1k miles)
custom roof rack that was hand built
a newer set of cabby seat to replace the worn interior.
AND thats just a lil bit. i would really like someone to come get all these parts as a whole. id rather not part out.
$3000 OBO with every last part i have for this car. PM me offers and i will consider

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