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87 rocco fs:complete car eng and trans removed

I have a 87 rocco that i acquired from my best friend who passed away. It is a one owner car and I have the original window sticker if that tells you anything. Red w black leather, power windows, no sunroof. Comes with two 1.8l engines and two trans. It has brand new suspension. Eibach and konis if I remember correctly. I installed them about 3 yrs ago and never drove on them. I also went through the brakes but that was yrs ago as well. I removed the engine, trans, and body kit and was going for a repaint. Now I don't have the funds to complete it and don't have the energy. It is not perfect but not bad either.
I have lots of parts as well.
I have new blue coil lowering springs that are corner balanced and custom for this car.
koni red special d shocks never installed still in box. misc other things.
car is 97% rust free and has been garaged for the past 10 yrs.
it does have 3x3 inch dent that is rusted on the passenger door and there is a 1 inch spot of rust under the pass rear window.
Bumper brackets are rusted.
I've never seen a rocco with ones that aren't.

The blue coils are from shine racing and have receipt for 535.00
The konis are brand new. The new eibach/koni suspension on the car is new.
That should give us a ballpark for asking price. I will in no way look to make a killing on this car but at the same time they arent making them anymore and this shell is solid as can be.

For starters:
2 1.8l 16v engines appx 150k on both
2 trans pretty positive they are 9a's
coils and springs listed above
misc brakes
misc coil,ecu's,wires etc.....basically everything that came off and then some.
Please send me an im with your email if interested. That will be the easiest way for me to send pics.

$1500.00 for the complete package. I am looking for someone to come take it all. This is an original car and I'm just not willing to dismantle it at this point. Thanks!


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i got the go ahead to sell the car with all the things that make it complete for 1000.00. This is a one owner car that very solid. Engine is on a stand. Trans is on a shelf. Body kit on shelf. Bumpers on shelf. I will be posting other parts and pricing soon.

Thanks for looking.
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