Alright. I want to be upfront first and foremost! This car was stolen from me years ago. It has not been back on the road since. I just don't have the time, money or the heart for this car anymore. I built it to be a autocross racer that is also a fun, fast street car. I had put countless hours and money into her. Now she just sits and wastes away. I am asking for $1200.00 OBO. I WILL NOT PART IT OUT.

All the parts and rebuilt things on the car have less that 10,000 miles on them with 75% of them have less than 5000!!!!

First the bad.
The title is rebuilt. I bought it from Oregon. She was in a small fender bender up there back in 2004 and the insurance company totaled the car. She got a new fender, core support, bumper and cosmetics and everything was fine.
There is cancer in 3 small spots on the windshield tray. This has happened since it has been sitting. See pics.
A tree branch fell on the roof. See pics.
When it was stolen they broke the steering column parts.

Ok Now the good. Here is a list of everything I can think of that has been done to the car.
Stock rebuilt bottom end.
3 angle, port & polish, HD springs and TT 260/268 cam.
No ISV or emissions crap.
PRW air 2 water IC with custom pipes, 2 huge setrab heat exchanger and a forge 007 DV re-routed back in to the charger intake (no bypass valve) Plus Samco hoses and T-bolt clamps.
2.5" Race header and 2.5" TT cat back.
TT Cam Gear.
Adjustable FPR.
BBM fuel rail.
40 lbs injectors
Rebuilt and cryo treated tranny with Quaife LSD and replaced lower 5th gear for highway cruising.
4 puck sprung hub Kevlar clutch and upgraded Pressure Plate.
Solid front MM, Urethane tranny and rear MM, plus a 16V strut tower MM with a Turnbuckles to replace the shock.
Urethane bushings all over the front and rear of the car.
28MM rear sway bar, 15MM front swaybar.
Front upper and lower stress bars plus a rear stress bar.
Custom Koni coilovers with 580 lbs front springs, 800lbs rear springs and a re-valve job to match the spring rates.
Camber plates.
Girling 60 front brakes with Hawk HP+ race pads and Brimbo G60 rotors.
22MM Master cylinder.
G60 steering knuckles.
Corrado SLC rear axle and rear brakes with stock pads.
FK badge less grill.
Smoked 7", 5", banana, bumper, side blinkers and tail lights
Borbet Type E's in 16X7.5 with Kumho 712's in 225/40/16.

The motor turns over and used to crank up and run without the charger installed albeit rough with no charger before the 40 lbs injectors were installed.
Call or text Mike

I also have a BBM Gen 2 Lysholm kit I am selling.

0429181919.jpg - Icedrive
0429181922.jpg - Icedrive
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