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8v 16v?

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8V 16V? volt?
What do these mean?
Which is better?
How do I know what mine is?
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Re: 8v 16v? (Steel Dragon)

16 valve or 8 valve......
what year is your car?
Re: 8v 16v? (Steel Dragon)

quote:[HR][/HR]8V 16V? volt?Valves(total, not per cylinder)
What do these mean? See above
Which is better?This debate will continue into time out of mind. What do you like?
How do I know what mine is?If you open your hood and see a big chunk with four tubes coming out of it toward you and it says"\x/DOHC-16v", it's a 16v
...if you don't see that, it's an 8v...[HR][/HR]​
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Re: 8v 16v? (SidRocco)

Thanks for the help
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Re: 8v 16v? (Steel Dragon)

I'll be in the corner, chewing on the end of a gun.
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